Installation and error analysis of the apache2.4 version

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Now most of the enterprise platform is still using the CentOS6 version, but want to install httpd-2.4, it will be a lot of trouble,

Since the APR version installed by CentOS6 Yum is not available for httpd-2.4, we can only compile and install Apr and apr-in source code.


1. Download Apr and Apr-util installation package from official website



2. Decompression

Tar xzvf apr-1.5.2.tar.gz

Tar xzvf apr-util-1.5.4.tar.gz

3. Install Apr



Note: In this step it is easy to make a mistake, after compiling will prompt rm:cannot remove ' libtoolt ': No such file or

Directory, after this prompt, if you use the command echo $? To see if the compilation was successful, 0 (success) is displayed, but

It's time to compile Apache and repeat the error, and that's because of the bug when compiling Apr.

WORKAROUND: Open the Configure file in the APR-1.5.2/directory, locate " $RM "$cfgfile" " and comment out this line

It is time to recompile.


Make install

4, Installation Apr-util




Make install

5, installation httpd

Note that in order to prevent the subsequent compilation error, here in advance to install some source packages, of course, you can also compile, and then according to the compilation

The results of the translation are dealt with accordingly.

Yum install-y gcc make cmake pcre-devel

Generally installed these packages will not error, if there are other errors, I do not collect here, you can find other information




Make install

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Installation and error analysis of the apache2.4 version

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