Installation configuration FCKEditor2.6.6 method and configuration instructions in ASP

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For ASP systems:

FCKeditor root directory, only keep "fckeditor.asp,fckconfig.js,fckeditor.js,fckpackager.xml,fckstyles.xml,
Fcktemplates.xml "These files as well as the editor directory. Deletes the sample directory "_samples".
Only the "ASP" directory is retained under the "Fckeditoreditorfilemanagerconnectors" directory, and other directories and files are deleted.

(2) Modify the file upload using the Script Program (language).

The default FCKeditor file upload program for ASP, if it is used in ASP system, then no longer need to modify.

If it is used in the PHP system, you need to make the following changes, open the Fckconfig.js
Found it:

The code is as follows Copy Code
var _filebrowserlang ge = ASP
var _quickuploadlang ge = ASP
Change into:
var _filebrowserlang ge = php
var _quickuploadlang ge = php

(3) Open File upload, modify file upload directory.

For ASP systems:
Open it

The code is as follows Copy Code

Enable File Upload:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Found it:
Configisenabled = False

Change into:
configisenabled = TR

Set up upload directory:

Found it:
Configuserfilespath = "/admin/uppic/"
Change into:
Configuserfilespath = "Custom Path"

For PHP Systems:
Open it

The code is as follows Copy Code

Enable File Upload:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Found it:
$Config [Enabled] = False

Change into:
$Config [Enabled] = tr

Set up upload directory:

Found it:

The code is as follows Copy Code
$Config [Userfilespath] =/userfiles/
Change into:
$Config [Userfilespath] = Custom Path

(4) Modify the upload file naming method.

FCKeditor upload file, file name with the original filename, if you want to adopt a custom file naming method (such as, then name), you can modify the following

For ASP systems:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Open fckeditorsampleediteditorfilemanagerconnectorsaspcommands.asp

Found it:
sFileName = Sanitizefilename (sfilename)

Change the sentence to a custom file naming format, for example:

Dim rndstr
Rndstr = Cstr (Fix (9000*rnd () +1000) produces a random number
sFileName =year (date) &month (date) &day (date) &hour (time) &minute (time) &second & "." &

For PHP Systems:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Open fckeditoreditoreditorfilemanagerconnectorsphpcommands.php

Found it:
$sOriginalFileName = $sFileName;

Precede the sentence by adding:

Initialize seed
$sstr =split ("", Microtime (), 5);
$seed = $sstr [0]*10000;
Initializing random number generators with seeds
Srand ($seed);
Generate random numbers within a specified range
$random =rand (1000,10000);
The file name that is synthesized immediately
$sFileName = Date ("Ymdhis", Time ()). $random. ". $**tension;

(5) FCKeditor the method of reference in the program.

For ASP systems:
Need to include the following header file
<!--#incl? File= "Fckeditor/fckeditor.asp"-->
Add the following code in the location where the editor is located:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Dim Ofckeditor
Set ofckeditor = New FCKeditor
Ofckeditor.basepath = "/fckeditor/" The path must be relative to the site root directory, set the error editor
Will not display

ofckeditor.toolbarset= "Default"
Ofckeditor.width = "98%"
ofckeditor.height= "500px"

Ofckeditor.val = "" Set default value
Ofckeditor.create the ID of the "shangpin_description" editor, which is equivalent to the name attribute value of the input label, here is

For PHP:
Add the following code in the location where the editor is located:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Incl? ("fckeditor/fckeditor.php"); Header file
$oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor ("Shangpin_description"); The ID of the editor, equivalent to the input label
Name property value, this is Shangpin_description
$oFCKeditor->basepath= "/fckeditor/"; Set FCKeditor path

$oFCKeditor->toolbarset = "Default";
$oFCKeditor->width= "98%";
$oFCKeditor->height= "500px";

$oFCKeditor->val= ""; Set default values
$oFCKeditor->create ();

(6) Get the data in the FCKeditor.

For server-side scripting, get the editor ID as the Name property value of the input label, for example:

Reqst in ASP ("Shangpin_description"), $_reqst["Shangpin_description" in PHP

JS in the use of Fckeditorapi.getinstance (shangpin_description). getxhtml (TR) gets the corresponding value of shangpin_description

ASP configuration for CKEditor

Search on the internet for a long time finally found! O (∩_∩) o haha ~
First, the use of methods:

1. Introduction of CKEditor Core file in page

The code is as follows Copy Code

<script type= "Text/javascript" src= "Ckeditor/ckeditor.js" ></script>

2. Insert HTML controls where you use the editor <textarea>

The code is as follows Copy Code

<textarea id= "TextArea1" cols= "rows=" "2" class= "CKEditor" ></textarea>

If it is a environment, you can also use server-side controls <TextBox>

The code is as follows Copy Code

<asp:textbox id= "tbcontent" runat= "Server" textmode= "MultiLine" class= "CKEditor" ></asp:TextBox>

Note Add class= "CKEditor" to the control.

3, replace the corresponding control into editor code

The code is as follows Copy Code

<script type= "Text/javascript" >
Ckeditor.replace (' TextArea1 ');
If you are using a server-side control in a environment <TextBox>
Ckeditor.replace (' tbcontent ');
If the <TextBox> control is in the master page, write this
Ckeditor.replace (' <%=tbcontent.clientid.replace "(" _ "," $ ")%> ');

4. Configuration Editor

The CKEditor configuration is centralized in the Ckeditor/config.js file, and the following are some common configuration parameters:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Interface language, default to ' en '

Config.language = ' ZH-CN ';

Set width height

Config.width = 400;

Config.height = 400;

Editor style, there are three kinds: ' Kama ' (default), ' office2003 ', ' v2 ' = ' v2 ';

Background color

Config.uicolor = ' #FFF ';

Toolbars (base ' basic ', almighty ' full ', custom) plugins/toolbar/plugin.js

Config.toolbar = ' Basic ';

Config.toolbar = ' full ';

This will match:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Config.toolbar_full = [
[' Source ', '-', ' Save ', ' newpage ', ' Preview ', '-', ' Templates '],
[' Cut ', ' Copy ', ' Paste ', ' pastetext ', ' Pastefromword ', '-', ' Print ', ' spellchecker ', ' Scayt '],
[' Undo ', ' Redo ', '-', ' find ', ' Replace ', '-', ' selectall ', ' Removeformat '],
[' Form ', ' Checkbox ', ' Radio ', ' TextField ', ' Textarea ', ' Select ', ' Button ', ' ImageButton ', ' HiddenField '],
[' Bold ', ' italic ', ' underline ', ' Strike ', '-', ' subscript ', ' superscript '],
[' Numberedlist ', ' bulletedlist ', '-', ' outdent ', ' Indent ', ' Blockquote '],
[' Justifyleft ', ' justifycenter ', ' justifyright ', ' Justifyblock '],
[' Link ', ' Unlink ', ' Anchor '],
[' Image ', ' Flash ', ' Table ', ' horizontalrule ', ' smiley ', ' Specialchar ', ' pagebreak '],
[' Styles ', ' Format ', ' Font ', ' fontsize '],
[' TextColor ', ' bgcolor ']

Whether the toolbar can be shrunk
Config.toolbarcancollapse = true;

The location of the toolbar
config.toolbarlocation = ' top ';//optional: Bottom

Whether the toolbar is expanded by default
Config.toolbarstartupexpanded = true;

Cancel the drag to resize feature plugins/resize/plugin.js
config.resize_enabled = false;

Change the maximum height of the size

Config.resize_maxheight = 3000;

Change the maximum width of the size
Config.resize_maxwidth = 3000;

Change the minimum height of the size
Config.resize_minheight = 250;

Change the minimum width of the size
Config.resize_minwidth = 750;
Whether to automatically update data within an element when submitting a form that contains this editor
Config.autoupdateelement = true;

Whether the setting uses an absolute or relative directory, and a null relative directory
Config.basehref = ' '

Z-index Value of Editor
Config.basefloatzindex = 10000;

Set shortcut keys
Config.keystrokes = [
[CKEditor. ALT + 121/*f10*/, ' toolbarfocus '],//Get focus
[CKEditor. ALT + 122/*f11*/, ' elementspathfocus '],//element focus

[CKEditor. SHIFT + 121/*f10*/, ' ContextMenu '],//Text menu

[CKEditor. CTRL +/*z*/, ' undo '],//Undo
[CKEditor. CTRL +/*y*/, ' redo '],//Redo
[CKEditor. CTRL + CKEditor. SHIFT +/*z*/, ' redo '],//

[CKEditor. CTRL +/*l*/, ' link ',//link

[CKEditor. CTRL +/*b*/, ' bold '],//Bold
[CKEditor. CTRL +/*i*/, ' italic '],//Italic
[CKEditor. CTRL +/*u*/, ' underline '],//Underline

[CKEditor. ALT + 109/*-*/, ' Toolbarcollapse ']

Setting a shortcut key may conflict with the browser shortcut key plugins/keystrokes/plugin.js.
Config.blockedkeystrokes = [
CKEditor. CTRL +/*b*/,
CKEditor. CTRL +/*i*/,
CKEditor. CTRL +/*u*/

Sets the value plugins/colorbutton/plugin.js of the background color of the elements in the edit.
Config.colorbutton_backstyle = {
element: ' Span ',
Styles: {' background-color ': ' # (color) '}

Sets the value of the foreground color plugins/colorbutton/plugin.js
Config.colorbutton_colors = ' 000,800000,8b4513,2f4f4f,008080,000080,4b0082,696969,b22222,a52a2a,daa520,



Faebd7,ffffe0,f0fff0,f0ffff,f0f8ff,e6e6fa,fff '

Whether to display the "other colors" option when you select a color plugins/colorbutton/plugin.js
Config.colorbutton_enablemore = False

The foreground color default value of the block is set Plugins/colorbutton/plugin.js
Config.colorbutton_forestyle = {
element: ' Span ',
Styles: {' color ': ' # (color) '}

The CSS file you need to add here adds an absolute path to use relative paths and Web sites
Config.contentscss = './contents.css ';

Text direction
config.contentslangdirection = ' RTL '; From left to right

CKEditor configuration file If you do not want to configure a blank
Ckeditor.replace (' myfiled ', {customconfig: './config.js '});

Background color Plugins/dialog/plugin.js The interface edit box
Config.dialog_backgroundcovercolor = ' rgb (255, 254, 253) '; can set reference
Config.dialog_backgroundcovercolor = ' white '//default

The opacity value of the background should be between: 0.0~1.0 Plugins/dialog/plugin.js
config.dialog_backgroundcoveropacity = 0.5

The adsorption distance of the border when moving or changing elements: pixel Plugins/dialog/plugin.js
Config.dialog_magnetdistance = 20;

Whether to reject local spelling checker and prompt defaults to deny current Firefox only and Safari support Plugins/wysiwygarea/plugin.js.
Config.disablenativespellchecker = True

Perform table editing functions such as adding rows or columns currently only Firefox supports Plugins/wysiwygarea/plugin.js
Config.disablenativetablehandles = true; Default is not open

Whether to turn on the size of the picture and table function config.disableobjectresizing = true;
Config.disableobjectresizing = false//default to open

Set HTML Document type
Config.doctype = ' <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" ";

Do you want to render the editing area Plugins/editingblock/plugin.js
Config.editingblock = true;

Labels generated by carriage returns in the editor
Config.entermode = CKEditor. enter_p; Optional: Ckeditor.enter_br or Ckeditor.enter_div

Whether to use HTML entities for output Plugins/entities/plugin.js
Config.entities = true;

Define more entities Plugins/entities/plugin.js
config.entities_additional = ' #39 '; Where the # replaces &

Whether to convert some characters that are difficult to display to the corresponding HTML character plugins/entities/plugin.js
Config.entities_greek = true;

Convert some Latin characters to HTML plugins/entities/plugin.js
Config.entities_latin = true;

Convert some special characters to ASCII character Furu "This is Chinese: Chinese." Convert to ' This is Chinese: Chinese. ' Plugins/entities/plugin.js
Config.entities_processnumerical = false;

Add New Component
Config.extraplugins = ' Myplugin '; Non-default only example

Use high-color plugins/find/plugin.js when searching
Config.find_highlight = {
element: ' Span ',
Styles: {' background-color ': ' #ff0 ', ' Color ': ' #00f '}

Default font name Plugins/font/plugin.js
Config.font_defaultlabel = ' Arial ';

Font editing character set can add commonly used Chinese characters: XXFarEastFont-Arial, italics, boldface, etc. plugins/font/plugin.js
Config.font_names = ' Arial; Times New Roman; Verdana ';

Default style for text plugins/font/plugin.js
Config.font_style = {
element: ' Span ',
Styles: {' font-family ': ' # (family) '},
Overrides: [{element: ' font ', attributes: {' face ': null}}]

Font default size Plugins/font/plugin.js
Config.fontsize_defaultlabel = ' 12px ';

Optional font size for font editing plugins/font/plugin.js
config.fontsize_sizes = ' 8/8px;9/9px;10/10px;11/11px;12/12px;14/14px;16/16px;18/18px;20/20px;22/22px;24/24px;26/ 26px;28/28px;36/36px;48/48px;72/72px '

The style to use when setting the font size plugins/font/plugin.js
Config.fontsize_style = {
element: ' Span ',
Styles: {' font-size ': ' # (Size) '},
Overrides: [{element: ' font ', attributes: {' size ': null}}]

Whether to force copied content to remove the format plugins/pastetext/plugin.js
Config.forcepasteasplaintext =false//No removal

Whether to force "&" instead of "&" Plugins/htmldataprocessor/plugin.js
Config.forcesimpleampersand = false;

Format the address label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_address = {element: ' address ', attributes: {class: ' Styledaddress '}};

Automatic formatting of div tags plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_div = {element: ' div ', attributes: {class: ' Normaldiv '}};

Automatically format the H1 label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_h1 = {element: ' H1 ', attributes: {class: ' ContentTitle1 '}};

Automatically format the H2 label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_h2 = {element: ' H2 ', attributes: {class: ' ContentTitle2 '}};

Automatically format the H3 label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_h1 = {element: ' H3 ', attributes: {class: ' ContentTitle3 '}};

Automatically format the H4 label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_h1 = {element: ' H4 ', attributes: {class: ' ContentTitle4 '}};

Automatically format the H5 label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_h1 = {element: ' h5 ', attributes: {class: ' ContentTitle5 '}};

Automatically format the H6 label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_h1 = {element: ' h6 ', attributes: {class: ' ContentTitle6 '}};

Automatic formatting of P tags plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_p = {element: ' P ', attributes: {class: ' Normalpara '}};

Automatically format the pre label Plugins/format/plugin.js
Config.format_pre = {element: ' Pre ', attributes: {class: ' Code '}};

Display plugins/format/plugin.js on the toolbar with a semicolon-delimited label name
Config.format_tags = ' P;h1;h2;h3;h4;h5;h6;pre;address;div ';

Whether to use full HTML editing mode if used, its source code will contain:Config.fullpage = false;

Whether to ignore null characters in a paragraph if not ignored, the character will be represented as "" Plugins/wysiwygarea/plugin.js
Config.ignoreemptyparagraph = true;

Whether to clear both sides of the <a> label when clearing the link properties in the Picture property box Plugins/image/plugin.js
Config.image_removelinkbyemptyurl = true;

A comma-delimited set of label names displayed in a hierarchical nesting in the lower-left corner of the plugins/menu/plugin.js.
config.menu_groups = ' Clipboard,form,tablecell,tablecellproperties,tablerow,tablecolumn,table,anchor,link,image, Flash,checkbox,radio,textfield,hiddenfield,imagebutton,button,select,textarea ';

Delay when displaying submenus, units: Ms Plugins/menu/plugin.js
Config.menu_submenudelay = 400;

When you execute the new command, the contents of the editor Plugins/newpage/plugin.js
config.newpage_html = ';

When you copy text from Word in, do you want to format text to remove it plugins/pastefromword/plugin.js
Config.pastefromwordignorefontface = true; Default to ignore formatting

Whether to use Config.pastefromwordkeepsstructure = false;

Do you want to remove formatting when you paste content from Word plugins/pastefromword/plugin.js
Config.pastefromwordremovestyle = false;

Corresponds to the type of background language to format the HTML content of the output, which defaults to null
Config.protectedSource.push (/<?[ Ss]*?? >/G); PHP Code
Config.protectedSource.push (//g); ASP Code
Config.protectedSource.push (/(]+>[s| s]*?</asp:[^>]+>) | (]+/>)/gi); Code

Label inserted when entering: Shift+enter
Config.shiftentermode = CKEditor. enter_p; Optional: Ckeditor.enter_br or Ckeditor.enter_div

An optional expression replaces the character plugins/smiley/plugin.js.
Config.smiley_descriptions = [
':) ', ':(', ';) ', ':D ', ':/', ':P ',
'', '', '', '', '', '',
'', ';(', '', '', '', '',
', ': Kiss ', '];

The corresponding expression picture plugins/smiley/plugin.js
Config.smiley_images = [
' Regular_smile.gif ', ' sad_smile.gif ', ' wink_smile.gif ', ' teeth_smile.gif ', ' confused_smile.gif ', ' tounge_smile.gif ' ,
' Embaressed_smile.gif ', ' omg_smile.gif ', ' whatchutalkingabout_smile.gif ', ' angry_smile.gif ', ' angel_smile.gif ', ' Shades_smile.gif ',
' Devil_smile.gif ', ' cry_smile.gif ', ' lightbulb.gif ', ' thumbs_down.gif ', ' thumbs_up.gif ', ' heart.gif ',
' Broken_heart.gif ', ' kiss.gif ', ' envelope.gif '];

The address of the expression plugins/smiley/plugin.js
Config.smiley_path = ' plugins/smiley/images/';

When the page is loaded, the edit box gets the focus immediately plugins/editingblock/plugin.js plugins/editingblock/plugin.js.
Config.startupfocus = false;

When loading, in what way edit source and WYSIWYG "source" and "WYSIWYG" plugins/editingblock/plugin.js.
Config.startupmode = ' WYSIWYG ';

Displays the border of the frame body when loading plugins/showblocks/plugin.js
Config.startupoutlineblocks = false;

Whether to load the style file plugins/stylescombo/plugin.js.
Config.stylescombo_stylesset = ' default ';
The following are optional
Config.stylescombo_stylesset = ' mystyles ';
Config.stylescombo_stylesset = ' mystyles:/editorstyles/styles.js ';
Config.stylescombo_stylesset = ' mystyles: ';

Index value at start
Config.tabindex = 0;

When the User Types tab, the number of spaces the editor passes, () is 0 o'clock, and the focus moves out of the edit box plugins/tab/plugin.js
config.tabspaces = 0;

The template plugins/templates/plugin.js is used by default.
config.templates = ' default ';

A comma-delimited template file plugins/templates/plugin.js.
Config.templates_files = [' Plugins/templates/templates/default.js ']

Whether the edit content will be replaced box is selected when the template is used Plugins/templates/plugin.js
Config.templates_replacecontent = true;

Config.theme = ' default ';

Number of record steps undone Plugins/undo/plugin.js
Config.undostacksize = 20;

Integrate Ckfinder in CKEditor, and note that Ckfinder's path selection is correct.
Ckfinder.setupckeditor (null, '/ckfinder/');

Installation and Configuration methods:
First, open folder found that there are many files for the ASP is not used; Delete unnecessary files in FCKEditor2.6.6: Unzip to your site root directory FCKeditor folder, with the folder _ Folders and files are deleted:
1.fckeditor directory except editor directory, Fckconfig.js, fckeditor.asp, Fckeditor.js, Fckstyles.xml, fcktemplates.xml these reservations, the rest can be deleted all
2.editorfilemanagerconnectors directory except the ASP directory all the remaining delete
3.editorlang directory except En.js, zh.js, zh-cn.js Delete all, here is set the language, if you want to keep
4. Delete the _samples directory, here are some sample files, want to see can stay.
The above is a number of streamlining work, want to learn more, can read more information on the Internet.

Second, the transfer of fckeditor.asp. such as:<!--#include file= ". /fckeditor/fckeditor.asp "-->
Place the content in the form and change the <textarea name= "" ></textarea> to the following code:

  code is as follows copy code

Dim ofckeditor
Set ofckeditor = New FCKeditor
Ofckeditor.basepath = "/fckeditor/"//Setting Editor's path, a directory under My Site root directory
OFC Keditor.toolbarset = "Default"
Ofckeditor.width = "100%"
Ofckeditor.height = "to"

Ofckeditor.value = ""// This is to give the editor an initial value of
Ofckeditor.create "content"//after the contents of the editor are obtained by this subject, named by you


(Some suggestions for beginners, can be less detours.) Here must delete <textarea></textarea>, do not use hidden fields, otherwise published articles will be submitted in turn two times, at the end of the paragraph will appear "comma"
ofckeditor.create "content" The content here can be determined by yourself, equivalent to the name of the <textarea name= "" ></textarea>.
Ofckeditor.value = "" Here is the definition Editor's initial value, which is used here when you modify the article.
to this, your FCKeditor installation will be completed, you can complete the release of the function of the article. Is it very simple?
PS: The method of the transfer can also use the JS method, the relevant content can be found on the Internet, here I will not elaborate.

Three, after the above steps, we have completed some basic functions, but you will find that the upload image function is not useful. Don't worry, the following will be said. The
is not in the FCKeditor 2.6.6 version is not the default ASP, into PHP (PS: Program Aspects of my dish, can only use ASP's).
Slowly, open fckconfig.js
Find Fckconfig.defaultlanguage, his default is en, we replace him with ZH-CN, and the corresponding fckconfig.autodetectlanguage = True to False in true; This is the language retrieval function, and if you don't change the language, give him the default.
Find var _filebrowserlanguage = ' asp ';
var _quickuploadlanguage = ' asp ';
Default is PHP, change to ASP
This file is also a place to see personal preferences to modify:
Find Fckconfig.fontnames, in the back you can add some Chinese fonts.
Find fckconfig.toolbarsets["Default"], this is the tool on the editor, the following is a number of tools, you can do some of the corresponding changes, which can not be used to the withdrawal. For example:
[' bold ', ' italic ', ' underline ', ' strikethrough ', '-', ' subscript ', ' superscript '], this long string is defined in bold, italic, those, If you don't want any of this, you delete this long string of code, and if you want to leave a bold you will delete all but ' bold '.

This file is changed almost, the following is the upload path modification:
Open fckeditoreditorfilemanagerconnectorsaspconfig.asp This file
Find configisenabled = False, and change false to true;
Find Configuserfilespath = "/userfiles/" Here the Userfiles is the default file store path, you can also change to other file names, note that this file you have to build on your site.
Extensions: If you want to make your own uploaded images sorted by time you can change to: Configuserfilespath = "/userfiles/" &year (Now ()) & "/" &right ("0" &month (now ()), 2 & "/" &right ("0" &day (now ()), 2) & "/"
Okay, this file is OK.

Below we limit the uploaded images:
Open fckeditoreditorfilemanagerconnectorsaspcommand.asp This file
Find ouploader.maxsize = 0 "This sentence changed to" ouploader.maxsize = 0.3*1024*1024 "where 0.3 of the units when m, limit the size of the picture 0.3M
Open Fckeditoreditordialogfck_imagefck_image.js This file
Found it

The code is as follows Copy Code
Gete (' TxtWidth '). Value = Oimageoriginal.width;
Gete (' TxtHeight '). Value = Oimageoriginal.height;

Change into

  code is as follows copy code
if ( oimageoriginal.width<630) {
Gete (' TxtWidth '). Value = Oimageoriginal.width;
Gete (' TxtHeight '). Value = Oimageoriginal.height;
Gete (' TxtWidth '). Value = 630;
Gete (' TxtHeight '). Value = 630* oimageoriginal.height/oimageoriginal.width;
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