Installation-free Oracle client-introduction and configuration of Oracle Instant Client

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Oracle Instant Client is an Oracle client without installation. It is not encapsulated by the Oracle installer, making it easier for users to understand its structure.


About Instant Client


The latest version includes the following packages:


First, the basic package.


There are two types: Full Feature package and simplified package, which can be downloaded as needed.


1) Instant Client package-Basic: All files required to run OCI, occi, and JDBC-OCI applications, which is a full-featured basic package. (46,734,555 bytes)


2) * Instant Client package-Basic lite: smaller version of the basic, with only English error messages and Unicode, ASCII, and western European character set support (10.2 Only ), this is the basic package of the simplified version. (17,667,999 bytes)


2. Additional packages.


1) * Instant Client package-jdbc supplement: additional support for XA, internationalization, and rowset operations under JDBC, which is a JDBC support package. (1,562,261 bytes)


2) * Instant Client package-SQL * Plus: additional libraries and executable for running SQL * Plus with instant client, which is a support package for SQL * Plus. (789,617 bytes)


3) * Instant Client package-SDK: Additional header files and an example makefile for developing Oracle Applications with Instant Client, SDK package. (1,068,348 bytes)


4) * Instant Client package-ODBC: additional libraries for enabling ODBC applications, ODBC package. (728,899 bytes)


5) * Instant Client package-WRC: workload replay client used to replay workload for rat's dB replay feature, WRC package. (6,009 bytes)


6) * Instant Client package-precompiler: Additional files for "proc" binary and related files to precompile A Pro * C application and demo, pre-compiled package. You must register the user when downloading the package.


Installation and configuration


The downloaded package contains an instantclient_11_1 Directory, which can be decompressed to the same folder.


Assume that the Oracle Instant Client is decompressed to D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1.

The following configurations are also required.


The first step is to configure the environment variables, which can be set to user or system type, or written to a bat file.

1. Add D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1 and D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1/SDK to path.

Set Path = D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1; D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1/SDK

2. Set tns_admin = D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1

3. Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH = D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1

4. Set sqlpath = D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1

If you want to install SQL plus, you need to set it.

5. If the query result is garbled, set nls_lang = XXXX is required because the character set is incorrect.

This is to set the server-side character set, which must be consistent with the server-side. Common simplified Chinese character sets include:

Set nls_lang = simplified chinese_china.zhs16cgb231280

Set nls_lang = simplified chinese_china.zhs16gbk

Set nls_lang = simplified chinese_china.utf8


Case Insensitive.


Then prepare the file.


6. configure a tnsnames. ora file in the Directory D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1.

Create a tnsnames. ora and enter one or more

Mydbname =

(Description =

(Address_list =

(Address = (Protocol = TCP) (host = (Port = 1521 ))



(SERVICE_NAME = remotedb)



This ora file is required for user program connection, including PL/SQL developer.

If you only use navicat for Oracle for remote management, it is not necessary. It defines connections in its IDE interface and does not rely on external configuration files.


7. to pre-compile, you also need to create a directory D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1/precomp/admin/and D:/Oracle/instantclient_11_1/SDK/demo/pcscfg. copy the cfg file. Otherwise, Proc cannot be precompiled.


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