Installation of Oracle 11g R2 for Win7 flagship edition (64-bit)

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There are many versions of the database, which should I study?

All things a reason, the database version although many, the essence is the same, the change is only the appearance, you are ORACLE7 experts, must also be oracle11g experts. Oracle database is becoming more and more popular, here are the steps to install Oracle 11g R2 for Win7 Ultimate (64-bit):

1. Download Oracle 11g R2 for Windows version

These include two compressed,

Copy the \win64_11gr2_database_2of2\database\stage\components\* from the win64_11gr2_database_2of2 to the \ win64_11gr2_database_1of2\database\stage\components directory; otherwise it will appear:

File not found E:\app\xxj\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\owb\external\oc4j_applications\applications\WFMLRSVCApp.ear

2, unzip two compressed packets into the same directory, namely "database", and then click the "setup.exe" file under the extracted directory:

3, in the appearance of in the Configure security updates window, cancel the I want to accept security updates through my Oracle support , Click "next " :

4. In the installation Options window, select Create and configure database and Click Next :

5. In the System Classes window, select Desktop Class and click Next :

6. In the "Typical Installation " window, select the base directory for Oracle, select "Enterprise " and "default" and enter a unified password:oracle11g, click "Next ":

7. In the prerequisite Check window, click next :

8. In the Overview window, click Finish to install:

9, the installation process appears as follows:

10, after the database is created, the following "database Configuration Assistant" interface appears :

ChooseThe password management, view and modify the following users:
(1) Ordinary users:SCOTT(Password:Tiger) 
( 2 ) General administrator: SYSTEM (Password: Manager )  
( 3 ) Super admin: SYS (Password: Change_on_install )

When the modifications are complete, click OK .

11. Oracle after the installation is complete, the service is registered in the system, and the following two services must be started in the registered services, otherwise Oracle will not work properly:

(1)oracleoradb11g_home1tnslistener: Indicates the listener service, which must be turned on if the client wants to connect to the database. The service also has to work in the development of the program.
(2)ORACLESERVICEORCL: Represents the primary service of the database, naming rules:oracleservice database name. This service must be turned on or Oracle will not be able to use it at all.

12, after the installation of Oracle's Oci.dll is 64-bit,

1. Download the Oracle client package from ""

2. Extract to C:\oracle, Oci.dll directory is: c:\oracle\instantclient_11_2\

3. Setting Environment variables


Nls_lang=american_america. ZHS16GBK ( Note:the first half of theNls_lang must be American_americabecause the instant Client Other languages are not supported, the second half can be adjusted according to the character set of your database, if the database is Al32utf8, you can set Al32utf8)

4. Start PL/SQL Developer, click "Cancel" to not log in, menu-and perferences-Connection to modify the configuration of Oracle_home and OCI Library:
OCI Library:c:\oracle\instantclient_11_2\oci.dll

5. Restart PL/SQL and log in to the corresponding database, the connection is normal, the problem solved successfully!

Installation of Oracle 11g R2 for Win7 flagship edition (64-bit)

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