Installation of Linux (virtual machine Environment) and basic configuration

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This article describes how to install the virtual machine VMware and the underlying configuration if the Linux system is installed on the virtual machine and after the Linux installation is complete

What you need to prepare is VMware and Linux image files

Ii. Download and install VMware Eqid=a321fcd7000107af000000035af54ee7
Installation Tutorials
Third, install Linux on VMware

The following tutorials are from: Linux commune (

1.打开 VMware 12 ――》新建创建新的虚拟机:

2.然后选择“自定义” ――》 “下一步”:


4.选择“稍后安装操作系统” ――》下一步

5.“客户机操作系统” 选择 “Linux” 、“版本”选择“CentOS 64位” ――》下一步:





10.“I/O控制器类型” 选择推荐的“LSI Logic”,然后“下一步”





15.点击“CD/DVD (IDE)”:



Iv. Linux Basic configuration 1, network settings

A, modify the IP address of the corresponding network card configuration file

# Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0ipv6init=no #关闭IPV6支持, currently do not Onboot=yes #系统启动时激活此设备 bootproto=static # The way the network card obtains the IP address, for STATIC,DHCP or bootpipaddr= #静态指定IP, specifies the IP address of the network card (you set up, you can connect remotely, do not overlap with other IPs) such as 1netmask= #子网掩码 #network= #可以不设置, set the gateway in the 2 below--such as 2

B. Set the Gateway

# vi/etc/sysconfig/networknetworking=yes #表示系统是否使用网络HOSTNAME =centosmini #设置本机的主机名GATEWAY = # Set the IP address of the gateway of the native connection, this is the most important, check your computer

C. Set up DNS

# vi/etc/resolv.confnameserver nameserver # Service Network restart Restart Network service and Nic # ifconfig can view the network setting #ping Check whether the gateway #ping Check the domain name resolution is normal

If the prompt IP is already in use, go back to the A to reset the IP address and reboot.

Network settings, we use Xshell remote landing CentOS, convenient operation, in fact, usually in development is also mostly remote landing.
Xshell Login:
Host (the IP address you set, here is):
Account Number: Root
Password (root password set at installation time): 123456

2. Install a simple graphical management configuration Kit

Linux command-line mode has a simple image settings interface, Centos-mini is not installed, the next installation of these simple graphical management interface (and Xwindow under the distinction, do not confuse).

Does CentOS not run Setup? That installs the Setuptool bar, can save a lot of system administration time.

#安装setuptoolyum install setuptool# can be found after the setup is complete, then install one for the system service management yum install ntsysv# Install a firewall, as well as the installed firewall settings, network settings yum Install iptables# installed in Setup installation setup yum install system-config-securitylevel-tui# installation setup set up the matching network settings yum install System-config-network-tui can be installed completely yum-y install Setuptool ntsysv iptables system-config-securitylevel-tui system-conf Ig-network-tui System-config-firewall-tui System-config-keyboard system-config-network above is a line of command

After installation, enter the Setup command, which will pop up the Setup interface, here to demonstrate, only install the Setuptool, if you install other packages, there will be a corresponding selection.

3. Development environment
Yum install VIM//powerful VI editor, similar to the VI text editor, but on the basis of VI added a lot of new features yum install wget//Automatically download files from the Network tool, support through HTTP, HTTPS, FTP three most common TCP/IP protocols download yum install GCC//A set of compilers developed by the GNU project that support multiple programming languages yum install CPP yum install gcc-c++ yum install make//ma Kefileyum Install GDB//debug Tool

Installation of Linux (virtual machine Environment) and basic configuration

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