Installing a wireless card driver with Linux Mint

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New bought a notebook ThinkPad E440, used two days to find wireless network is very unstable, sometimes can search WiFi but not even, sometimes even on the internet, so decided to reinstall a network card driver.

First look at the model of your graphics card:

Lspci Note:00.0 Ethernet Controller:realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. rtl8111/8168/8411 Ten ):00.0 network Controller:realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. rtl8723be PCIe Wireless Network A Dapter

Visible e440 Wireless card model is Realtek RTL8723BE, this video card is newer, the Linux kernel has not been supported.

Then download the source code from GitHub:

After the decompression, Make,make install one can not be less:

Unzip Rtlwifi_new-master. Zip CD rtlwifi_new-mastersudomakesudomakeinstall

After the compilation installation is complete, notify the system to update the relevant configuration file:

sudo depmod-asudo Update-initramfs-usudomodprobe -V Rtl8723be

It's good to install the reboot.

Before I encountered a problem, that is, after restarting the computer, the boot failed, the screen shows:

 in Interrupt

This is because there is a problem with the previously installed driver, to go to GitHub up and down the latest source code to recompile the installation, but before this, uninstall the problematic driver first.

sudo Mount -o remount rw/sudorm /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/rtl8723befw.bin

Then restart, you should be able to enter the system, but WiFi must not be connected, and then perform the above-installed driver steps.

Installing a wireless card driver with Linux Mint

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