Installing an integrated PHP development environment in Windows systems

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Original: Installing an integrated PHP development environment in Windows systems

Just want to learn PHP, do not configure the environment of the complex PHP, you can use the integrated, the current online common PHP integration environment is mainly Appserv, Phpstudy, Wamp and XAMPP software, the difference between the software is not very small. Each integration pack has several different versions that can be downloaded with a high version of any integrated software installation.

I'm using a appserv-win32-2.5.10.exe.
: Http://

Appserv integration software is only installed on Windows systems. The following installation methods are suitable for operating systems such as Windows NT, Windows2000, Windows2003, and Windows XP.
I'm using a win7.
1. The first installation is basically next

2. Here is the Appserv installation directory, using the default will be

3. Here is the selection of the components to be installed, select all on the line

4. This is the Apache server settings, the top two can be filled with valid, you can also fill in invalid, the bottom is the port number, using the default on the line

5. Here is the MySQL database settings, the first two is to set the password, to enter the same, the bottom character set select UTF-8, and then check the Enable InnoDB.

6. Click Finish to launch Apache and MySQL.

7. PHP configuration file with Appserv installed under C:\Windows php.ini

8. After the installation is complete, just put the php file under C:\appserv\www, and then use the browser to access Htttp://localhost or can see the effect,

Installing an integrated PHP development environment in Windows systems

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