Integrated Symantec antivirus scan engine in Java EE

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Symantec antivirus scanning engine is an enterprise-class anti-virus engine, and can be integrated with various environments, the current project needs in the Java EE environment to use this technology, it is published to achieve the method for reference.

For this purpose, a JAR package has been developed to interact with the scan Server, and a trial version of this product is available for download: 1008&pvid=836_1

I will provide the download of this jar package in the file download, named

The following is the simplest implementation step

0 Install Virus Scan Server


<1>, Install the SSE V51:

0, Download Trial version software and license.


1, Install JDK 5;
2, Install ScanEngine.exe, setup the Admin port and password;
3, Install license file

(1) By Web Console, https://ip:8004/; System-->license-->install.

[Note, but with the HTTPS is available.]

(2) Copy license file to C:\Program Files\Common Files\symantec shared\licenses;

4, Working with ICAP;

1 Virus Scan in JSP

1 Import the Jar Package-virusscan-0.1.jar

2 A Simple Implement practice is

1 Sample invode Code:
2 public static void Main (string[] args) {
3//icap:// is the URL of the scan server
4 Virusscanmanager vsm=new Virusscanmanager ("Icap://");
8 String testfile= "./test/";
9 InputStream In=null;
One try {
//eicar is the test virus code
//in=new Bytearrayinputstream (Eicar.geteicar ());
In=new FileInputStream (testfile);
The catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();
Vsm.processscanvirus ("EicarTestFile.txt", "Plain/text", in);

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