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A friend asked questions when he went to Sina happy residence to apply for a job. The following are some of his questions: 1. the following HTML: imgtitleaaaasina_titlebbbb1) use JavaScript to obtain the object ________; 2) use the ________ attribute to obtain the following:


1. the following HTML is available:
1) use js to obtain the ________ method to obtain this object;
2) use the ________ attribute to obtain the attribute value of the attribute title;
3) use the ________ method to obtain the property value of the property sina_title;
2. the array serialization and deserialization functions in php are ______ and _______;
3. What is the difference between rawurlencode and urlencode __________________;
4. the HTML filter function in php is _______, and the escape function is ____________;
5. use regular expressions to filter out js scripts in HTML;
6. the meaning of left join in SQL is ______________;
If one table tl_user stores the student ID and name, and the other table tl_score stores the student ID, subject, and score (some students do not have the exam score ), write an SQL statement to print the student name and overall score of each subject;
7. write three functions that call system commands;
8. the josn function for processing arrays is;
9. in php, which of the following functions is used to determine whether a variable is set ___________;
10. differences between error_reporting ("E_ALL") and ini_set ("display_errors", "on _________;
11. PHP writes out the predefined variable ________ showing the client IP address. Which of the following URLs is provided __________;
12. Which of the following functions does php convert UTF-8 to gbk ___________;
13. Which of the following functions is used to split a string into an array in php _______;
14. how to use php static methods _____________________________________;

1. the following error occurs: mysql server not go away. why? (This is probably the case)
2. differences between mysql static tables and dynamic tables, and between MyISAM and InnoDB.
3. $ a = 1; $ B = & $;
Unset ($ a), $ B is still 1, why?
Unset ($ B), $ a is still 1, why?

1. write at least three functions and obtain the file name suffix, such as '/as/image/bc.jpg.
2. write a function to calculate the relative path of the two files, for example, $ a = '/a/B/c/d/e. php '; $ B ='/a/B/12/34/c. php '; calculates the phase path of $ B relative to $.
3. use the binary method (also called the half lookup method) to find an element. the object can be an ordered array.
$ Array = array (112,235,452 );
Function binary ($ array, $ search ){

Example 1 and 1 have the following HTML: img title = 'AAA' sina_title = 'bbbbb' id = 'img1 '1) use js to obtain the ________ method to obtain this object; 2) use the ________ attribute to obtain the genus...

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