Introduce the advantages of NetSuite system and the situation of Chinese partners!

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NetSuite was founded in 1998 by former Oracle technology leader Ivangoldberg (NetSuite current CTO), headquartered in California, USA.

NetSuite is a set of CRM, ERP, e-commerce as one of the seamless integration system, through simple standardized tools to achieve advanced customization can be the business and the process of free splicing to meet the needs of specific industries and enterprises. Can realize the full sharing of data, with a high degree of integration, this feature makes NetSuite not only integrates the enterprise backstage resource planning, optimizes the enterprise's business process, but also can extend to the entire enterprise all aspects, even realizes the enterprise external effective management.

NetSuite has thousands of customers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. NetSuite, which was listed in December 2007, has reached $2.1 billion in market capitalization at the start of the IPO.

NetSuite System Advantages

1. Crm/erp seamlessly integrated into a single system

Fully realize data sharing and smooth flow. Make the company's customer relationship management, product procurement, inventory, sales, finance and e-commerce to achieve near-perfect unification.

2. Flexible and modular implementation

According to the company's needs and size, the sub-function of the phased customization of their own business models and processes.

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3. SaaS-based (software as a Service) mode

The company does not need to set up any servers, install any software, hire any IT staff, you can access your Office system through a simple URL. No matter in which city, as long as a computer, or an ipad, where you can surf the Internet, where you can access the company's NetSuite system.

4. Short development cycle

From research to customization, from testing to on-line, companies don't need to implement their own solutions like traditional systems, which greatly reduces the development cycle and the fastest way to implement enterprise Informatization Office systems that meet company processes.

5. Maintenance-Free Enterprise

Centralized system hosting, enterprises do not need to be equipped with their own server! No additional professional IT staff is required for maintenance.

6. Multi-currency and multi-lingual support

In the face of the growth of global business, a simple upgrade can realize multi-subsidiary, multi-currency, multi-language functions, completely without two times development.

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Today, NetSuite has been stationed in China to work with domestic solutions trigger Networks (trig) to provide local companies with NetSuite localization implementation services, such as financial solutions that comply with native GAAP standards. Trigger Networks as a NetSuite China solution Partner, has an experienced technical team, for small and medium-sized enterprises in different industries and even ready to go public, to provide professional services to meet the needs of different users of the customized, efficient completion of projects, to promote enterprise improvement of business processes, achieve an easy and efficient management model.

Introduce the advantages of NetSuite system and the situation of Chinese partners!

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