[Introduction to ASP. NET] story about thin and fat people-programming environment and tasks for web programmers

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Stories about thin and fat people
-- Web programmer's programming environment and tasks

Feng Xiaocai once translated a story about a friend in Yicheng. One is surprisingly fat, and the other is incredibly thin. At first, the fat man became popular. The man said that the fat man is full of his head and is strong enough to show off his strength. At that time, people tend to get fat, and pretend that fat people are not lacking. A day, fat people look for old friends and thin people. Seeing that the Thin Man is still thin, he said, "Why don't you learn me now ?" A thin smile: "Wait for me to go over, that is, to me ."

There is a new saying in the Chinese New Year: People are fat, panic, sweating, inconvenient action, more fat, and susceptible to vascular diseases. There are hundreds of damages but no benefits. As a "best Weight of the current generation", "the best weight that meets the requirements of the times", and "typical image", Yun. The two friends met on this day. Fat man said with emotion: "I heard you say it was thin, but now it's hard to lose weight !" When I heard this, I shook my head: "No! I don't know why I'm lucky !"

■ How the web system works-takeout
"Hello, I want to slaughter it. Give me a white bone service package with the address of No. 123 Dongxin Road." Lao Yan yelled at the phone and asked for something on the computer screen one minute later. "OK, you eat slowly! ", Fainting ......

If the client requests HTML, the entire process is very simple. The only thing to do is to package the current dish and send it back to the customer. "Static" means that the server does not process the page content after receiving the request.

If the customer requests dynamic pages (PHP/asp.. Net/jsp) to generate HTML pages temporarily according to the specified process and send the HTML pages back to the client.

Two days ago, I saw an article on Sina technology, accusing Alibaba Cloud of having problems with the Dell sales model, and advocating the combination of traditional and direct modes in a scientific way, bringing the world's IT giant to the cloud, I think the capacitor on the brand's motherboard burst into a situation of two paragraphs in front of me and my friends, and a burst of vomiting. The "zero inventory" model produced by Dell after receiving the order has its own advantages (the end sellers in China are uncomfortable). The traditional sales network of Lian * also supports its own step-by-step growth. If the world is the same, it's boring! But the world will never be the same, Ma told us very early.

■ Web programmer-top 10 athletes

"In the end, we realized that a good, interactive and efficient web application is a mixture of dynamic server code and client code and static content ."

This requirement is exactly what web programmers have to do. They must have good artistic skills and be familiar with static Language (HTML) and client scripting language (JavaScript, Java Applet, etc ), you must be familiar with the server language (Java, C #, and so on). Of course, databases are even more essential. Of course, some people may say that they can cooperate with teams. Ha, haha, there are several bosses in China who are willing to spend money to raise so many people, poor people, including me.

The main purpose of the client program is to allow the browser to respond to some interface operations and request data from the server on behalf. Its role is to reduce network traffic and server pressure, but unfortunately, some criminals make a big destruction in the dark and unconsciously plant evil seeds on your machine, such as 372 *, so some users hate client programs and disable them!

Server programs extract data and generate HTML pages based on user requests. Of course, they can also generate client programs (in the early days, I always worried about data exchange between VBScript and JavaScript ), send to the client.

Fat and thin are the eternal topics of distributed computing. Reasonable Allocation of client and server functions is an important guarantee for excellent system performance. The advantage of B/S is that there is no need to worry about the client; the advantage of C/S is the powerful interface interaction and expression capability; a technology that combines the advantages of rich Internet Application, after a general interpreter is installed on the client, it provides powerful interface interaction and presentation capabilities, without the need to deploy a specific client. For example, Microsoft's smartclient, aveon, Macromedia's Flex, js-based bindows, Ajax, and many others. Client programs are like the trend at the beginning of this article. Today, thin and fat are popular.

In traditional ASP code files, programmers must skillfully use three languages to complete their work. When DW is used, I quickly become weak and cool. Therefore, it is not surprising that pages and code are separated. Therefore, there are n Page code separation methods on the network. Therefore, DOTNET implements this function as a major selling point during the new release, people think that DOTNET is really advanced. Therefore, the first sentence of every DOTNET textbook in China is: advanced, technological leap ...... Looks like Ms.

■ ASP. NET application architecture-set off your headers
Finally, DOTNET appeared, and there seems to be some changes. I found that the major change is that its extension has changed from. asp to. aspx, haha ......

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