[Introduction to CSS Blending mode]--mix-blend-mode/background-blend-mode

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CSS3 really have a lot of magical places, this two elements you know?

This is the picture that Zhangda brought over, about the mixed mode, borrow diagram one use.


Mix-blend-mode:normal;          Normal mix-blend-mode:multiply;        Multiply bottom mix-blend-mode:screen;          Filter color mix-blend-mode:overlay;         Overlay Mix-blend-mode:darken;          Darken Mix-blend-mode:lighten;         Lighten Mix-blend-mode:color-dodge;     Color Dodge Mix-blend-mode:color-burn;      Color deepened mix-blend-mode:hard-light;      Strong light mix-blend-mode:soft-light;      Soft light mix-blend-mode:difference;      Difference value mix-blend-mode:exclusion;       exclusion of Mix-blend-mode:hue;             Hue Mix-blend-mode:saturation;      Saturation of Mix-blend-mode:color;           Color mix-blend-mode:luminosity;      Brightness mix-blend-mode:initial;         Initial mix-blend-mode:inherit;         Inherit Mix-blend-mode:unset;           Restoration

For example, play by yourself.

CSS3 Background-blend-mode

background-blend-modeThis is to better understand a little bit, the background of the mixed mode. It can be a blend of background images, or a blend of background pictures and background colors.

It is important to note that only the background picture and color blend in the Background property, and only in one background property.

CSS3 backgrounds Multi-background ie9+ browser began to support. So, you want to mix multiple graphs, that is, a comma, a write in the background properties of the can be,

. box {    
background-blend-mode: color;}


Original link: http://www.zhangxinxu.com/wordpress/2015/05/css3-mix-blend-mode-background-blend-mode/

Use this two attribute to make a lot of effects.

[Introduction to CSS Blending mode]--mix-blend-mode/background-blend-mode

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