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How does css make the background image stretch and fill to avoid repeated display? css background image

How does css make the background image stretch and fill to avoid repeated display? css background image The question of how to stretch and fill the background image seems very simple. But I am sorry to tell you. It's not that simp

How to make CSS control the background of Web page design?

css| Control | design | Web page background | Web Design How to use CSS to control the background of a Web page in accordance with standard Web design? Some questions, including background colors, background pictures, and more, ar

Make use of CSS to summarize background transparency and text opacity effects

can use the CSS properties Background-color Rgba to easily achieve background transparency, while text remains opaque. The Ie6/7/8 browser does not support RGBA, only the use of IE's exclusive filter filter:alpha to achieve, but this writing will also make the text transparent, so only in the transparent container chi

Use the IE filter to make the background color transparent in CSS 3.

on the background forever, it will not be overwritten by the background */:;/* only the located element can use z-index */} {:;/* to locate and overlap with main */:; :;:;:;:;} Then we use the script to control the bg width and height to make it consistent with the main width and height. Js: mainObj = document.getElementById('main' bgObj = document.getElementBy

CSS to make a picture background filled hexagon

This time to bring you CSS to make a picture of the background of the hexagon, CSS to make a picture of the background of the hexagon to fill the attention of the matter, the following is the actual case, together to see. The hex

What are the advantages of using a background map to make a page in CSS?

What are the advantages of using a background map to make a page in CSS ?Briefly introduce the advantages of CSS Sprites:When the user to the U disk to copy 200 pictures, will wait a long time. But if you make a file, copying it will be much faster.The goal of

Css uses the background of tag A to make interesting results page 1/2 _ experience exchange

Css may use the background of the tag to produce interesting results. This effect is an effect that someone wrote an email to me today. I wrote A similar effect using the background of the tag before. So I wrote the effect he requested when I got back! By the way, I will share with you that if you are very creative, you will certainly be able to

CSS can make a very interesting effect on the background of a tag. 1th/2 Page _ Experience Exchange

This effect is an effect that someone wrote to me today, before remembering to write a similar effect with the background of a tag. So just came back to write a bit of the effect he asked! By the way to share with you, if you are very creative, then you will be able to make more interesting results. He proposed the effect, is nine days music home a flash of the effect, to use

CSS using a tag background may make a very interesting effect on the 1th/2 page _ Experience Exchange

This effect is an effect that someone wrote to me today, remembering the background of a label before writing a similar effect. So just came back to write about the effect of his request! By the way, share with you, if you are creative, you will be able to make more interesting effects. He put forward the effect is nine days of Music home page A flash effect, to use CS

Flex uses CSS to make the DataGrid background transparent

Make the DataGrid background transparent through CSS DataGrid { Borderstyle: solid; Backgroundalpha: 0.3; Headerstylename: datagridheader; Verticalgridlines: false; Horizontalgridlines: false; Verticalalign: middle; Paddingleft: 0; Paddingright: 0; Paddingbottom: 0; Paddingtop: 0; Kerning: true; Corner-radius: 8; Header

A list layout CSS code that uses a picture to make a div background

Ideas:1. Because it is a vertical list, the outer layer is relatively positioned so that it does not overlap together relative2. Absolute the inside with absolute position, cover the picture above3. Here is a little trick, I have a special effect, text erect, and rotate to the right 90 degrees (WebKit core) width:20px; font-size:20px; -webkit-transform:rotate (90DEG);"position:relative; max-width:560px; min-height:115px ;">"/resources/images/hongbao_ky.png"style="width:100%; max-width:560px; min

How do I use CSS to set the background color of my text? CSS Set background color code

display is that it takes a whole line. We're going to try something else inside the tag element look at the situation, the same code, not the same label, let's take a look at: This is the first P tag in the change to the span tag, let's look at it in comparison: I changed the CSS style of span to blue, which is what we see now, one is the inline tag, where the text is to where the background is, and the

CSS Background Properties Background detailed

; Background-attachment: Scroll;background-repeat:repeat-y;Can be combined as a single line:Background:transparent URL (image.jpg) 50% 0 scroll repeat-y;And you do not need to specify each value. If you omit the value, the default value for the property is used. For example, the above line has the same effect as the following:Background:url (image.jpg) 50% 0 repeat-y;General usage of the backgroundIn additi

CSS implements background transparency while text on the background is not transparent. css background text is not transparent.

="touMingDiv">div>h1> This is a transparent layer.This is a transparent layer.h1>div>p>This is a transparent layer, but the text and images above are not transparent, compatible with ie7, ie8, ie9, ie10, FF, Chromep>img src="bg.jpg"/>div> For CSS, we may write it like this. 1234 .touMingDiv{filter:Alpha(opacity=60);opacity:0.6;} However, after testing, we found that not only is the div container translucent, but the text and im

9.css background, css background image adaptive

Auto Default value. The image is displayed in the original size. 3 Cover Proportional scaling of the image to make the image cover at least the container, but may exceed the container 3 Contain Scale the image proportionally so that the image width and height are larger than those in the container horizontally or vertically. 3 Length Value CSS length

What are the CSS background properties? Summary of CSS Background properties (with code)

: background color and background picture can coexist, please set a usable background color, so that if the background image is not available, the page can also get good visual effect. Body {background-image:url (' paper.gif '); Backgrou

Puzzle Answer: background-position attribute problem of background picture in CSS

stretched to the border. This indicates that the background color is relative to the outer edge of the Border-box. So it is clear that the background image and the background color of the relative box is inconsistent. Now let's look at the third question: How do you make the bac

CSS Basics background background color background picture uneven background image position on X, Y axis

Town Field Poem:The Pure Heart sentiment wisdom language, does not have the world name and the benefit. Learn water under the hundred rivers, give up arrogant slow meaning.Learn to have a small return to feed root, willing to cast a conscience blog. Sincere in this writing experience, willing to see the text to inspire.——————————————————————————————————————————CodeText introduction excerpt from "Baidu Encyclopedia"Result——————————————————————————————————————————The essence of the blog, in the te

CSS background effect and css background

CSS background effect and css backgroundPrevious This article will detail the CSS background Effects Striped background [Dual-striped background] background:linear-gradient(#fb3 50%,

The size of the CSS background image does not change with the browser scaling. the css background image

scales. However, if a vertical scroll bar exists, the image is not fixed and will move with the scroll bar. You only need to set the image width to 100%. The code is very simple. There are only a few lines. It uses Baidu's space map: HTML: CSS: 1 body{ margin:0; padding:0;}2 #pic{ width:100%;} CSS background image-centered browser size changes cannot be repair

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