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Java Hand program design into the door to download

Hello everyone, recently a reader came to me and said that he could not buy one of my books:
Java Hand Program design into the gate/August 2001 known City Digital publishing

After I actually went to Heaven 瓏 Book Bureau, the light business and a few books bureau inspection, certainly can not buy.
So specifically ask the city number, I hope you can open this book's electronic version to everyone. Also gain
Come to agree.

If you have a need to develop a Java hand program, and you need to participate in the resource, please go to the bottom web site
Download the electronic version of this book.
Due to the problem of network traffic, you can also

csdn Download

GiGa ADSL 768/128:

Ncu Csie in Tanet:
These addresses are downloaded (thanks to the Central University of Yu and the enthusiastic support of the university)

Mainland friends can find information in

This is my second book, the fire is still poor, if you have any criticism of this book
and advice, please write to me,
Your advice will make the second edition of this book more perfect, and your encouragement would be my creative
The force of the motion.

Finally, thanks to the knowledge of the city number and its product manager Guo Da 潁 has this kind of atmosphere,
So that this book's electronic version can let more people share.

Sen Wang October 2002

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