Introduction to the new characteristics of Oracle 11g R2 data Pump (iii) Improvement of data pump on table fuzzy matching

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Oracle's 11GR2 version does not make much of a change to the data pump, mainly by adding support for the original version parameters and removing some small restrictions.

This article introduces the improvement of data pump to the table fuzzy matching export.

Oracle's data pump supports fuzzy matching of table names, such as:

bash-3.00$ EXPDP yangtk/yangtk directory=d_output DUMPFILE=T_TEST.DP tables=t%

Export:release11. Production on Tuesday, 08 September, 2009 19:14:21

Copyright (c) 2003, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Connect to: Oracle database11genterprise Edition release11. Production

With the partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and real application testing options

Start "YANGTK". Sys_export_table_01 ": yangtk/******** directory=d_output DUMPFILE=T_TEST.DP tables=t%

Using the blocks method to estimate ...

Working with Object Types Table_export/table/table_data

Total estimate using the Blocks method: 132.3 MB

Working with Object Types table_export/table/table

Working with Object Types Table_export/table/index/index

Working with Object Types Table_export/table/constraint/constraint

Working with Object Types Table_export/table/index/statistics/index_statistics

Working with Object Types Table_export/table/trigger

Working with Object Types Table_export/table/statistics/table_statistics

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_big_table "82.89 MB 830304 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_backup "6.957 MB 68370 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_cons2 "2.193 MB 69248 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_list_list ":" P3 "." P3_sp2 "2.984 MB 28139 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T "2.101 MB 66121 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_list_list ":" P1 "." P1_SP3 "2.468 MB 24999 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_date "1.112 MB 68916 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_test2 "604.2 KB 69375 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_test3 "604.2 KB 69375 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_test1 "604.2 KB 69375 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_list_list ":" P3 "." P3_SP3 "651.5 KB 6604 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_list_list ":" P3 "." P3_sp1 "393.6 KB 3911 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_list_list ":" P1 "." P1_sp2 "311.4 KB 3475 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_longraw_new "5.460 KB 1 lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_list_list ":" P1 "." P1_sp1 "203.8 KB 2145 Lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_cons "5.679 KB 17 lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. TT "5.843 KB 28 lines

. . "YANGTK" was exported. T_abc "5.414 KB 1 lines

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