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New users often encounter a problem in the web design and production process, that is, browser incompatibility. This situation is often encountered during university learning, but it has never been well solved. Today I have the opportunity to study it carefully. This is a problem between the standard browser mode and the weird mode. Strict mode and quirks mode are two modes for the browser to parse css. The standard mode means that the browser parses and executes the code according to W3C standards. The weird Mode means that the code is parsed and executed in the browser's own way. Because different browsers do not parse and execute the code in different ways, we call it the weird mode.

When the browser parses the file, it uses the standard mode or the weird mode. The DTD declaration in is directly related. The DTD Declaration defines the type (standard mode resolution) of the standard document, the browser will load the webpage and display it in the appropriate way. Ignoring the DTD Declaration will make the webpage enter the quirks mode ). Therefore, to write cross-browser css, it is best to adopt the standard mode.

How do I add a DTD declaration to the page code? The specific statement is as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">

If a legacy web page is claimed and no DTD declaration is made at first, and many abolished tags are used in XHTML, we should use the XHTML compatibility mode. The declaration is as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
Object A code library file
AAM Authorware shocked File
AAS Authorware shocked package
ABF Adobe binary screen font
ABK CorelDRAW automatic file backup
ABS files of this type are sometimes used to indicate a abstract (like a abstract or summary in an article on science, taken from abstract)
ACE Ace compressed file format
ACL CorelDRAW 6 keyboard shortcut file
ACM Windows Directory files
ACP Microsoft office Assistant preview File
Document Format of the American University of radiology and Medical Sciences of ACR
ACT Microsoft office Assistant File
Acv OS/2 driver, used to compress or decompress audio data
AD After Dark screen saver
ADA Ada source file (non-GNAT)
ADB Ada source file subject (GNAT); Agreed database of HP100LX organizer
Add OS/2 Adapter Driver for Bootstrap Process
ADF Amiga Disk File
ADI AutoCAD device-independent binary plotter format
ADM After Dark multi-module screen protection; Windows NT Policy template
ADP FaxWork is used to fax the interactive installation file of the modem; Astound Dynamite File
ADR After Dark random screen protection; Smart Address Book
ADS Ada source file Manual (GNAT)
GIF Adobe font Scale
FlowChat file of AF2, AF3 ABC
AI Adobe Illustrator format graphics
AIF, AIFF Audio Interchange File, audio format of the Silicon Graphic and Macintosh Application
AIFC compression AIF
Aim aol Instant Messaging
AIS ACDSee graphic Sequence File; Velvet Studio Device File
All A-keywords in the Help Project of AKW RoboHELP
ALAW European telephone audio format
Alb jasc Image Commander album
ALL art and letter Library
AMS Velvet Studio music module (MOD) file; Extreme Tracker module File
ANC Canon Computer palette file, including a series of optional color palette
ANI animation cursor in Windows
Ans ansi text file
Game files saved in ANT SimAnt For Windows
API: application design interface file used by Adobe Acrobat
APR Lotus Approach 97 file
APS Microsoft Visual C ++ files
Arc lh arc compressed file
ARI Aristotle sound file
ARJ Robert Jung ARJ compressed package file
ART Xara Studio painting file; Canon Crayola Art file; Clip ART file format; another light tracing format; mark file compressed by Johnson-Grace compression algorithm used by AOL
ASA Microsoft Visual InterDev File
Asc ii text file; PGP algorithm encrypted file
The automatic SAVING file of ASD Microsoft Word; the description file of Microsoft advanced streaming FORMat (ASF); The example file of Velvet Studio can be opened by NSREX
ASE Velvet Studio sample file
ASF Microsoft Advanced Streaming Media files
Source file of ASM assembly language, assembly file of Pro/E
ASO Astound Dynamite object file
ASP Dynamic Web file; ProComm Plus installation and connection script file; Astound introduction File
AST Astound multimedia file; ClarisWorks "assistant" File
ASV DataCAD automatically saves files
ASX Cheyenne backup script file; Microsoft Advanced Streaming Media redirector file, video file
Att at <Group 4 bitmap file
ATW Any Time Deluxe For Windows personal information Administrator file from personal software
AU Sun/NeXT/DEC/UNIX audio file; audio U-Law (read as "mu-law") File Format
AVB Computer Associates Inoculan virus-infected files
AVI Microsoft Audio Video Interleave movie format
AVR Audio Visual Research File Format
AVS application visualization format
AWD FaxVien document
AWR Telsis digital storage audio file extension format
The package number file of the Axx ARJ compressed file, which is used to compress a large file into several small packages (xx uses numbers from 01-99)
A3L Authorware 3. x Library File
A4L Authorware 4. x Library File
A5L Authorware 5.x Library File
A3M, A4M Authorware unpackaged files for Macintosh
A4P Authorware package file with no running time
Authorware Windows files not packaged by A3W, A4W, and A5W
BAK backup file
Bas basic source file
BAT batch file
BDF West Point Bridger Designer File
BFC Windows 95 Briefcase document
BG Backgammon For game files in Windows
Visual file of BGL Microsoft Flight Simulator
BI binary files
BIF Group Wise Initialization File
Biff xlife 3D files
BIN binary file
BK, BK $ is sometimes used to represent the Backup Version
Bks ibm BookManager Read bookshelf files
BMK bookmarks
BMP Windows or OS/2 bitmap files
BMI Apogee BioMenace Data File
BOOK Adobe FrameMaker Book File
BOX Lotus Notes mailbox File
BPL Borlard Delph 4 Package Library
BQY BrioQuery File
BRX is used to view files in the multimedia object directory.
Bsc ms Developer Studio browser information file
BSP Quake Graphic File
BS1 Apogee Blake Stone Data File
BS _ Microsoft Bookshelf Find menu shell Extension
Batch files used by BTM Norton applications
Backup disk of BUD Quicken
BUN CakeWalk sound bundle file (a MIDI Program)
Bw sgi black/white image file
BWV commercial waveform file
BYU File Format
B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts File
C code file
C0l typhoon waveform file
CAB Microsoft compresses archive files
CAD Softdek Drafix CAD file
Cal cals compressed bitmap; Calendar Schedule Data
CAM Casio camera format
CAP compressed music file format
Asc ii files separated by CAS comma
Intellicharge classification file used by CAT Quicken
CB Microsoft clean boot file
CBI Binary Volume format file (for IBM mainframe systems)
CC Visual dBASE user-defined class file
CCA cc: email file
CCB Visual Basic Dynamic Button configuration file
CCF multimedia viewer configuration file for OS/2
CCH Corel chart File
CCM Lotus cc: Mailbox (for example, "INBOX. CCM ")
CCO CyberChat Data File
CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave projection
Cda cd audio track
CDF Microsoft Channel Definition Format File
CDI Philip's high-density disk interaction format
CDM Visual dBASE custom data module File
CDR CorelDRAW drawing file; original audio CD Data File
CDT CorelDRAW Template
CDX CorelDRAW: compress the drawing file; Microsoft Visual FoxPro index file
Excel CIMFast event language file
CER certificate files (MIME x-x509-ca-cert)
CFB Compton multi-media files
CFG configuration file
CFM CotdFusion template file; Visual dBASE Windows custom form
CGI public Gateway Interface script file
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
Ch OS/2 configuration file
CHK is the File Fragment saved by the Windows disk fragment organizer or disk Scan
HTML files compiled by CHM
CHR character set (font file)
CHP Ventura Publisher chapter File
CHT ChartViem file; Harvard Graphics Vector file
CIF Adaptec CD creator CD image file
Pencil Clip Gallery download package
CIM SimCity 2000 File
Cin OS/2 Change control file used to track changes in the INI File
CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File
CK2 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 Data File
CK3 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file
CK4 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 Data File
CK5 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 Data File
CK6 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file
CLL Crick Software Clicker File
CLP Windows clipboard File
CLS Visual Basic files
CMD Windows NT, OS/2 command file; DOS CD/M command file; dBASE Ⅱ program file
CMF Corel Metafile
Game files saved by CMG Chessmaster
Cmp jpeg bitmap file; Address Document
Move an animation file from the left-side Navigation Pane to the left-side navigation pane.
CMX Corel Presentation Exchange Image
The configuration file used by CNF Telnet, Windows, and other applications whose internal formats change
CNM Windows Application menu options and installation files
CNQ Compuworks Design Shop File
CNT Windows (or other) systems are used to help index or other content files
COB TrueSpace 2 object file
The display machine code/assembly code file generated by the COD Microsoft C compiler, with the source C code as a comment
COM command file (Program)
CPD Corel Print Office file (graphics)
CPD, CPE Fax coverage document
CPI Microsoft MS-DOS code page information file
CPL Control Panel extension, Corel color palette
CPO Corel print storage files
Cpp c ++ code file
CPR Corel provides instruction documents
CPT Corel photo-painting Image
CPX Corel Presentation Exchange compresses graphical files
CRD Windows Cardfile File
CRP Corel-provided runtime introduction file; Visual dBASE custom report file
CRT authentication File
CSC Corel script file
Csp pc Emcee On_Screen Image
CSS waterfall table files
CST Macromedia Director Cast File
CSV comma-separated value files
CT Scitex CT bitmap file; Paint Shop Pro Grapic editor File
CTL is usually used to indicate a file containing control information. FaxWork uses it to maintain the information received or sent by each fax.
CUE Microsoft prompt card data file
CUR Windows cursor file
CUT Dr Halo bitmap file
CV Corel file; Microsoft CodeView Information Screen File
CWK ClarisWorks data file.
CWS ClarisWorks Module
CXT Macromedia Director protected (uneditable) Projection File
Cxx c ++ source code file
DAT data files; WrodPerfect data files; files in MPEG format
DB Borland's Paradox 7 Table
DBC Microsoft Visual FoxPro database container File
DBF dBASE file, a format created by Ashton-Tate, can be ACT! , Lipper, FoxPro, Arago, Wordtech, Xbase, and similar databases or product identification related to databases; available data files (which can be opened by Excel 97); Oracle 8.1.x table space files
DBX DataBearn image; Microsoft Visual FoxPro table File
Format File of DCM Module
DCR shock wave file
DCS Desktop color separation file
DCT Microsoft Visual FoxPro database container
DCU Delphi compilation unit file
DCX Microsoft Visual FoxPro database container; PCX-based Fax Image; macro
DC5 DataCAD drawing file
DDF Btrieve or Xtrieve data definition file, which contains metadata used to describe Btrieve or Xtrieve files
DDIF Digital Equipment or Compaq format, used to save their images and word processing documents
DEF SmartWare II data file; C ++ module definition file
DEFI Oracle 7 uninstall script files
DEM file used to represent the USGS reference of the digital height model
DER authentication File
DEWF Macintosh Sound Cap/Sound Edit recording device format
DGN Macintosh 95 CAD drawing file
DIB device-independent bitmap
DIC directory
DIF workbooks for data interchange
DIG DigiLink format; Sound Designer I audio file
DIR MacromediaDirector File
DIZ description file
Dlg c ++ dialog box script file
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DLS downloadable sound files
DMD Visual dBASE data module File
Dmf x-Trakker music module (MOD) File
DOC FrameMaker or FrameBuilder documents; Word Star documents, Word Perfect documents, Microsoft Word documents; DisplayWrite documents
DOT Microsoft Word Document Template
DPL Borland Delph3 compression library
DPR Borland Delphi header file
DRAW Acorn object-based vector image file
DRV driver
DRW Micrografx Designer/Draw; Pro/E painting File
DSF Micrografx Designer VFX File
Files saved by DSG DOOM
DSM Dynamic Studio music module (MOD) File
DSP Microsoft Developer Studio project file
DST Embroidery Machine Graphics File
DSW Microsoft Developer Studio workspace File
DTA Word Bank (World Bank) STARS Data File
Dtd sgml document type definition (DTD) File
DTED terrestrial height digital data (Graphic Data Format) File
DTF Symantec Q & A database data file
DTM DigiTrakker module File
DUN Microsoft File Export
DV digital video file (MIME)
DWD DiamondWare digital file
DWG AutoCAD engineering drawing file; drawing format of older versions of AutoCAD or Generic CADD
The format of drawing files that can be exchanged with each other, text representation in the binary DWG format, and data exchange files.
DXR Macromedia Director protected (not editable) movie files
D64 Commodore 64-bit simulated Disk Image File
EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image
EDD Element Definition document (FrameMaker + SGML document)
EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image
EDK Ensoniq KT disk image
EDQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/Ks32 disk image
EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image
EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image
EFA Ensoniq ASR File
EFE Ensoniq EPS file
EFK Ensoniq KT File
EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/Ks32 File
EFS Ensoniq SQ80 File
EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD files
Emd abt extension module
EMF Windows Enhanced Meta File
EML Microsoft Outlook Express mail message (MIME RTC822) File
ENC file Replay
ENFF neutral file format Extension
EPHTML Perl interpreting enhanced HTML files
PostScript image compressed by EPS
EPSF compressed PostScript files
ERI ERWin File
ERR when RobooHELP helps the compiler to compile a help system source file, it is used to store the error message.
EPX ERWin File
ESPS audio files
EUI Ensoniq ESP family of compressed Disk Images
EVY Special Envoy document
EWL Microsoft Encarta documentation
EXC Microsoft Word forbidden Word dictionary
EXE executable file (Program)
F fortran File
F2R Farandoyle linear module format
F3R Farandoyle block linear module format
FAR Fradole Composer music module (MOD) File
FAV Microsoft Outlook navigation bar
FAX Image
FBK Navison financial backup
FDB Navison financial database
FDF Adobe Acrobat form document file
Fem cadre Finite Element Network File
FFA, FFL, FFO, FFK Microsoft quick file search
Fff gus PnP Bank file format
Final text in FFT format (part of IBM's DCA)
FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 drawing file
FIF Fractal image file
FIG REND386/AVRIL File Format
Fits ccd camera image; flexible Image Transmission System
FLA Macromedia Flash movies
FLC Autodesk FLIC animation File
FLF Corel Paradox format: Navison license als license file; OS/2 driver File
PLI Autodesk FLIC Animation
FLT StarTrekker music module (MOD) file; file format used by Open Flight of MultiGen Inc; Corel filter file
FM Adobe FrameMaker documentation
Binary source code file of FMB Oracle4.0 or later forms
FML file image list (GetRight)
Text Format of FMT Oracle 4.0 or later forms; Microsoft Schedule + print files
Executable form for FMX Oracle version 4.0 or later
Find applet)
FNG Font group file (Font Navigator)
FNK Funk Tracker module format
FOG Fontographer module font
FON system font
For fortran File
FOT font-Related Files
FP FileMaker Pro File
FP1 Flying Pigs for Windows data files
FP3 FileMaker Pro File
FPT FileMaker Pro file; Microsoft Fox Pro remarks font file
FPX FlashPix bitmap
FRM form; Frame Maker or Frame Builder document; Oracle executable table (Version 3.0 or earlier); Visual Basic Form; WordPerfect Merge form; DataCAD flag report file
FRT Microsoft FoxPro report file
FRX Visual Basic Form text; Microsoft FoxPro report file
FSF fPrint Audit Tool File Format
FSL Borland's Paradox 7 form; Corel Paradox save form
FSM Parandoyle sample format
FT Lotus Notes Full Text Index
FTG full text search for group files, generated by the Windows Help System for Search-can be deleted and rebuilt as needed
FTS full text search cited files, generated by the Windows Help System
FW2 Framework II file
FW3 Framework III File
FW4 Framework IV File
Source files compiled by Microsoft FoxPro For FXP
FZB Casio FZ-1 bank dump
FZF Casio FZ-1 full dump
FZV Casio FZ-1 sound dump
G721 Raw CCITT G.721 $ bit ADPCM format data
G723 Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM format data
GAL Corel multimedia manager phase Set
GCD Generic CADD painting file (subsequent Version)
GCP Ground Control Point (Ground Control Point) files are used to form image processes for Foreground Data and are often used to generate graph engineering-CHIPS (copenhagen image processing system) to use these files
GDB InterBase Database File
Template format
The ged gedcom family data file is used to record and exchange popular formats of family data.
GEM Meta File
Text files generated by GEN Ventura
GetRight unfinished download file
GFC Patton & Patton FlowCharting 4 flowchart File
GFI, GFX Genigraphics Graphic Link to represent a file
GHO Norton clone disk image
GID Windows 95 global index file (including help status)
GIF CompuServe bitmap file
GIM, GIX Genigraphics Graphic Link introduction File
GKH Ensoniq EPS home cluster Disk Image File
GKS Gravis Grip Key document
GL animation format
GNA Genigraphics Graphic Link introduction File
Code generated by GNT, executable code in the Micro Focus attribute format
GNX Genigraphics Graphic Link introduction File
GRA Microsoft Graph File
GRD is a format file used for remote visual data to generate a map process. It is usually used to form a map project-CHIPS (copenhagen image processing system) to use these files.
GRF Grapher (Golden Software) graphics files
GRP Program Management Group
GSM Raw GSM 6.10 audio streams; Raw "byte aligned (bit-aligned)" GSM 6.10 audio streams; US Robotics voice Modem
GTK Graoumftracker (old) Music module (MOD) File
GT2 Graoumftracker (new) Music module (MOD) File
GWX, GWZ Cenigraphis Graphic Link introduction File
Gz unix gzip compressed file
H c program header file
Hcm ibm hcm configuration file
HCOM voice tool HCOM format
Hcr ibm hcd/HCM Product Configuration File
HDF advanced computer application local center (NCSA) geospatial Hierarchial Data Format File
HED HighEdit document
Game files saved in helmicrosoft Hellbender format
HEX Macintosh BinHex2.0 File
Hgl hp Graphic Language drawing file
HH ing file, including some topic IDs and ing numbers of topics in the Help File System-allows running applications to send appropriate context help topics to users
HLP help file; Date CAD Windows Help File
Dark Forces WAD file of HOG Lucas Arts
HPJ Visual Basic help project
Hpp c ++ program header file
HQX Macintosh BinHex 4.0 File
HST history file
HT HyperTerminal (Super Terminal)
HTM, HTML hypertext document
HTT Microsoft hypertext Template
HTX extension HTML Template
HXM Descent2 HAM File Extension
ICA Citrix File
ICB Targa bitmap file
ICC Kodak Printer Format File
ICL icon Library File
ICM graphic color matching configuration file
ICO Windows icon
IDB MSDev intermediate layer File
Definition of an idd midi device
Idf midi device definition (files required for Windows 95)
IDQ Internet Data Query file
IDX Microsoft FoxPro-related database index files; Symantec Q & A-related database index files; Microsoft Outlook Express files
IFF interchange format file; Amiga ILBM
IGES initial Graphic Interchange instruction file
Insert a system metadata file to the IMG instance
IIF QuickBooks for Windows file exchange
ILBM bitmap image file
IMA WinImage Disk Image File
Img gem Image
IMZ WinImage: compressing disk image files
INC assembly language or dynamic server inclusion File
INF information file
INI initialization file; MWave DSP Synth's "nwsynth. ini" GMS installation; Cravis Ultrasound bank installation
Source code of the form in the 3.0 or earlier versions of indium Oracle
INRS remote communication audio frequency
INS InstallShield installation script; X-Internet signature file; Ensoniq EPS cluster device; Cell/Ⅱ MAC/PC Sampling Device
INT intermediate code. An executable code is generated after a source program passes the syntax check.
IOF Findit document
IQY Microsoft Internet Query file
ISO lists documents on the CD-ROM according to ISD 9660 related CD-ROM file system standards
Isp x-Internet signature file
IST digital tracking device files
ISU InstallShield uninstall script
IT Pulse Tracking System music module (MOD) File
ITI Pulse Tracking System Device
ITS Pulse Tracking System sampling, Internet document location
IV file format used in Open Inventor
IVD is more than 20/20 micro-data dimension or variable level file
Configuration files of user subsets with IVP exceeding 20/20
More than 20/20 IVT tables or collection data files
More than 20/20 micro-data directory files in IVX
IW Idlewild Screen Saver
Install Watch document
J62 Ricoh camera format
JAR Java file (a compressed file used for applet and related files)
JAVA source file
JBF Paint Shop Pro Image Browsing File
JFF, JFIF, jif jpeg file
JMPDiscovery table statistics file of JMP SAS
JN1 Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle Data File
JPE, JPEG, and jpg jpeg image files
JS javascript source file
Jsp html webpage, which contains a reference for a Java servlet
Jtf jpeg bitmap file
K25 Kurzweil 2500 sample file
KAR karaoke MIDI file (Text + MIDI)
KDC Kodak optical Booster
KEY DataCAD icon toolbar File
KFX KoFak Group 4 Image File
KIZ Kodak digital postcard File
KKW RoboHELP helps all the keywords starting with K irrelevant to the topic in the engineering index designer
KMP Korg Trinity KeyMap File
KQP Konica camera local file
KR1 Kurzweil 2000 sample (Multi-soft drive) File
KRZ Kurzweil 2000 sample file
KSF Korg Trinity sample file
KYE Kye game data
LAB Visual dBASE label File
LBM Deluxe Paint bitmap file
LBT, LBX Microsoft FoxPro Tag file
LDB Microsoft Access lock file
LDL Corel Paradox distribution Library
LEG Legacy document
LES Logitech entertainment system game configuration file (same as the REC file)
LFT 3D Studio (DOS) lofting File
Logo file for LGO Paintbrush (Microsoft drawing application)
Lha lzh Replace the file suffix
LIB Library File
LIN DataCAD linear File
Output file generated by the LIS structured query report (SQR) Program
LLX Laplink Exchange Proxy
LNK Windows shortcut file
LOG Files
LPD Helix Nut and Bolt files
LRC Intel videophone File
Library files saved by LSL Corel Paradox
LSP AutoLISP, CommonLISP, and other LISP language files
LST list file
LU ThoughtWing Library Unit File
Miner Descent/D2 Level extension of LVL Parallax Software
LWLO Lightwave hierarchical object file
LWOB Lightwave object file
The LWP Lotus WordPro 96/97 File
LWSC Lightwave visual File
LYR DataCAD layer File
Lzh lh arc compressed file
LZS Skyroads Data File
M1V MPEG-related files (MIME "mpeg" type)
M3D Corel Motion 3D animation File
M3U mpeg url (MIME sound file)
MAC MacPaint Image File
MAD Microsoft Access module File
MAF Microsoft Access Form file
The format of the graphic file found by MAG in some Japanese files
MAGIC mail monitor configuration file
MAK Visual Basil or Microsoft Visual C ++ project file
MAM Microsoft Access macro
Man unix manual page output
MAP ing file; Duke Nukem 3D WAD game file
MAQ Microsoft Access
MAR Microsoft Access Report File
MAS Lotus Freelance Graphics Smart Master file
MAT Microsoft Access Table; 3D Studio MAX material library
MAUD sampling format
3 DStudio MAX file of MAX Kinetx; this format is used for a 3D scenario file; Paperport file; OrCAD design File
MAZ Hover lost data; the file format used by dVS/dVISE of Division
MB1 Apogee Monster Bash Data File
MBOX Berkeley Unix mailbox format
MBX Microsoft Outlook saves the email format; Eudora mailbox
MCC Dailerl0 call card
MCP Metrowerks CodeWarrior project file
MCR DataCAD keyboard macro file
MCW Microsoft Word Macintosh document
MDA Microsoft Access inner puller; workgroup events for Microsoft Access 2.0 and later versions
MDB Microsoft Access database
MDE Microsoft Access MDE File
MDL digital tracker music module (MOD) file; Quake module File
MDN Microsoft Access empty database template
MDW Microsoft Access workgroup file
MDZ Microsoft Access wizard Template File
MED music editor, MOD Amed music module (MOD) File
MER workbooks/database data exchange formats; recognized by FileMaker, Excel, and other software
MET indicates the manager metadata
MFG Pro/ENGINEER Manufacturing File
MGF file formats in materials and ry
MHTM, MHTML document (MIME)
MI Miscellaneous
MIC Microsoft Image Composer File
Mid midi music
MIF Adobe FramMaker Interchange Format
MIFF is a machine-independent file.
Multi-purpose files in the expanded format of MIM, MIME, and MME Internet mail are often created as attachments in AOL when sending e-mail; files in a multi-zone MIM file can be opened using WinZip or similar programs.
MLI 3D Studio material volume Format File
MMF Meal Master format; one prescription format; Microsoft Mail File
More than 20/20 MMG tables or assembly data files
MMM Microsoft Multimedia movies
MMP Mindmapor Mind Manager file
MND, MNI Mandelbort for Windows
MNG multi-image Network Graphics
MNT, MNX Microsoft FoxPro menu file
MNU Visual dBASE menu file; Intertel Systems Interact menu file
MOD Fast Tracker, Star Trekker, Noise Tracker (etc.) Music module files; Microsoft multi-plan workbooks; Amiga/PC track files
MOV QuickTime for Windows Movies
MP2 second-level MPEG audio file
MP3 layer-3 MPEG audio files
Files related to mpa mpeg, MIME "mpeg type"
MPE, MPEG, and mpg mpeg animation files
MPP Microsoft Project file; CAD drawing file format
Flat Microsoft FoxPro menu (Compiled)
MRI scan file
MSA magic shadow file
MSDL Manchester Scenario Description Language
MSG Microsoft Mail Message
MSI Windows installer package
MSN Microsoft Network Document; Descent Mission file
MSP Microsoft Paint (drawing) bitmap file; Windows Installer

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