Introduction to two audio editing tools in linux

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This section describes the two linux audio editing tools-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. I like music, and I also like it. I used cooledit for a while in windows. It is a professional audio post-processing software with powerful functions. It has been easily cracked, so many users are using it in China, all major websites that provide karaoke accompaniment have relevant tutorials. Later, I bought a mobile phone that supports mp3 ringtones, so cooledit became a hobby.

Today we will introduce two similar tools in linux. Let's talk about the introduction, or simply give a name, because today we opened audacity and found that [cry] would not be used. It's no wonder that it has been useless for a long time, and the interface is in English, it is easy to forget.

1. audacity

It is the most similar to cooledit's linux audio processing software, and has similar functions. It is suitable for replaying and post-processing. It is quite professional in terms of intercept, noise reduction, and graded change of sound quality, if there is one deficiency, it is impossible to achieve better performance based on a sound card driver that is comparable to windows. Therefore, individual users can only perform self-Entertainment Singing when they use audacity, which involves enterprise-level users, you can only buy oss first.

2. mhwaveedit

This tool is completely dug up and dug out during the days when audacity could not be compiled. This software is actually more than 400 k, super small, of course there will be insufficient functionality, this is inevitable. It is good to be very suitable for capturing audio clips. It is very convenient to make ringtones for mobile phones. Compared with audacity to determine the starting point of the segment statically, the dynamic determination of mhwaveedit is much easier to use and more intuitive.
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