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Visual Studio. net from 2003 to the current 2008, along the way slowly powerful ...... Since vs2003 was able to automatically mess up your html code, and now in vs2008, html code can be directly verified and prompted by w3c standards, which is very difficult.

In the forum, new users who are engaged in. net development often ask questions about conflicts with Web development during ASP. NET development. In fact, it is actually a problem of client code generation. I can't tell you more about development. I would like to share my suggestions with you from the perspective of the front-end of the page:

Use fewer server-side controls in ASP. NET

In Visual Studio, there are a series of powerful controls that make it easy for our start-up. net developers. However, most of the controls in vs are migrated based on the winForm mode. In web development, it is better to use fewer controls, such:
◆ Do not add form runat = "server" in all ways. Some friends say that many other controls cannot be used without form runat = "server. Yes, we just need to add it where necessary. There is indeed a form. Naturally, we need to add it, but it is definitely not. net by default, all pages are under the body tag. The first tag is form. This is unreasonable.
◆ Use less controls such as Asp: Gridview. You can consider asp: Repeater controls or write third-party controls by yourself. It is very easy to get the code output to your ears.
◆ Asp: Literal is used to replace asp: Label and asp: Literal. The output is clean.
◆ Use fewer asp: LinkButton controls. links are links and buttons. There is no need to create a LinkButton ......
◆ Although the default form verification control is easy to use, it is easy to write by yourself.
◆ In short, we should pay attention to the quality of code output, and some default controls do not meet this requirement.

Use less Frameset/Iframe labels

In general, the use of frame pages for layout (Header/Sidebar/Content/Footer) on webpages has basically been eliminated. Of course, applications such as background management can still be used, the page displayed on the front end cannot be used. MastERPage is available at the beginning of Visual Studio 2005, which is also very convenient to use. In fact, it is similar to include header. asp in early asp.

Use less PostBack Mechanism

The postback mechanism in. net has a reason to use it properly. It's right to use less Internet products!

More mature. net open-source products

For example, Microsoft's open-source oXite, PetShop, Discuz Forum. net, BlogEngine, and CVBBS are all good examples developed based on. net.

Focus more on client code Quality

After all, it is browser-based, user experience, W3C standards, Web development, browser compatibility, and so on. Without good client code, it cannot be supported.

Learn more about the necessary client

Many. net beginners do not know enough about the basic knowledge of html, css, and JavaScript clients, especially Javascript. You will find that many of the things you have done before are Postback to the server, it was easy to use javascript on the client!

Web development is the foundation!

I saw oXite a few days ago and installed ASP. net mvc Beat, neither do I. net fans, but I did not pay attention to it. Today I have created a new MvcApplication sample project to get a general understanding of it and see the highlights I want to see:
◆ Code generation is very clean, which is very important.
◆ Do not use the existing postback model that returns interactions to the server. That is to say, there is no viewstate or page lifecycle in the MVC-based view.
◆ It includes a very powerful URL ing component that allows you to use very clean URLs to build applications.

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