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Introduction to Windows SSH client Putty
Introduction of Putty
Putty is a free and compact Win32 platform for Telnet,rlogin and SSH clients. Its main program is only 364k, but the functional wire is not inferior to the commercial Telnet tool.
Official homepage:
Putty is a handy Telnet tool for Linux, for reasons such as:
1. Completely free telnet and SSH client tools
2. It works very well under the 9x/nt/2000.
3. Full support for SSH1 and SSH2
4. Green software, do not need to install, download after the desktop to build a shortcut on the line
5. The volume is very small only 364K (version 0.54 beta) 6. The operation is simple, all operations are implemented in a control panel.
Two. Putty Fast Start
1. Start a task double-click Putty.exe, and the screen appears:
2. In Host name (or IP address), enter the hostname or IP you want to access. such as: or
3. The protocol selected for use in protocol, typically telnet or SSH, depends on the service provided by the server.
4. You can save the selected task configuration and enter the name of the task in the saved session.
5. Double-click Open, the screen appears, so you can use putty.
Three Putty use techniques of course, the most basic use of the knowledge described above, common use methods and techniques are:
1. Chinese input support

Putty also support Chinese input, to set up: window->; appearence->; font:change->; Arial, character set selection chinese_gb2312.

2. Color Display Support

Putty also supports color display directory, executable files, ordinary files, etc., to set up: connection->;terminal type string->; The default xterm to Xterm-color
3. Create a shortcut for a task

Putty can create a Windows shortcut for frequently visited sites. To create a method: First select Putty.exe, right click the mouse, send to get the desktop. Then right-click the shortcut, select Properties, and change the shortcut-target-"c:putty.exe" to "C:putty.exe @mysession"
4. Copy and paste

In the Putty window, drag through the left mouse button to select the copied object, such as a command, which has already been added to the Windows clipboard, and the right mouse button to paste the object. The WINDWOS application can be pasted directly using. Also, the object of the Windows Clipboard can be pasted in the Putty window by right-clicking the mouse button.
Four Ssh,telnet,rlogin,raw four ways of distinguishing and connecting
1, Ssh,telnet,rlogin can be used to connect Linux remotely. Linux is operated by providing a Windows-like "DOS window".
2, SSH is the English Secure Shell shorthand form. By using SSH, you can encrypt all transmitted data so that the man-in-the-middle attack is not possible and can prevent DNS spoofing and IP spoofing. An additional benefit of using SSH is that the data being transferred is compressed, so the speed of transmission can be speeded up. SSH has many functions, which can replace Telnet, and can provide a secure "channel" for FTP, POP, and even PPP. SSH has two versions: Ssh1 and SSH2.
3, SSH default use port number 22,telnet default use port number 23. Rlogin By default use port number 513.
4, SSH and rlogin can allow logon without having to enter a password.
5, SSH can execute the script at login.
6, many of the TCP/IP protocol contains clear text transmission commands, such as smtp,nntp,http, so use raw way to see these plaintext transmission commands, check whether the correct and so on.
The use of five putty related tools and putty is provided free of charge together with:
1.PSCP: A tool to securely transfer files between SSH computations. is a command line tool.
Usage Example: The local file is uploaded to the server under DOS. PSCP C:csh-whynot.txt
2.PLINK: is a command-line join tool, similar to UNIX under SSH.
Use example: Upload a local file to the server.
3. Pageant: is an SSH Authentication Agent program. The ability to decrypt the key and put it in memory for use.
4. Puttygen: is a key generation program. The ability to generate symmetric public and private keys for putty,pscp.plink,pageant use.

Transfer files between Windows and Linux:
The author uses Putty built-in PSCP. Others such as SSH Secure File Transfer Client

First in the Win DOS, Putty directory, that is, PSCP file directory. Of course, this variable is added to the environment variable in path.

PSCP file Username@hostip: Address

Example: PSCP d:abc.txt endall@ip:/home/endall/abc.txt

PSCP Endall@ip:/home/endall/abc.txt D:ABC

Linux to Windows like
How Windows uploads and downloads from Linux with Putty Psftp

Run Psftp.exe under Windows, and change directories under Linux after logging in:

Change the directory to upload and download under Windows:

LCD d:/

This directory can not be listed in the PSFTP, I think this is not very good, if not changed is the default Putty installation directory, the default download to here, upload the file is also to be in this folder inside

For example, there is a 5.rmvb in the D: disk

Upload files to linux:psftp > put 5.RMVB

This command will upload d:\5.rmvb to/USR/5.RMVB.

Download files from Linux: psftp > Get 4.RMVB

This command will download/USR/4.RMVB to D:\4.RMVB.

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