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When you create a project, you are required to enterProduct Name & Company identifier,The two property values shocould match the bundle identifier (not app ID) you created in the app IDs of the "provisioning Portal" of the apple developer member center! If they do not match, push notification feature and cloud
Feature fails !!

For example,

When you create an app ID"Bundle seed ID (app id prefix)"For" abx453b ","Bundle
Identifier (app id suffix)
"For" edu. cityu. mobilecap ", your app ID is" cityu. mobilecap ".

When you create a project, set "company identifier""Edu. cityu", The product name should be set"Mobilecap", That is

Company Identifier value + product name value = bundle identifier in APP ID

Of course, even if the settings of the above two attributes do not match the bundle identifier during project creation, you can still modify them:

1. Select project root node in the left navigation panel, and select"Targets"Item. The Property setting window appears next to it.

You will see"Summary Tab""Bundle identifier", It can only modify the first half, that is,"Edu. cityu"Part, and the followingProduct NameSome cannot be modified. So we can't modify it here, but select"Info"Tab, see

You will see"Bundle identifier"Value: edu. cityu. $ {product_name: XXXX). It turns out that dynamic parameters are used. No wonder the bundle identifier mentioned above can only be modified. You can modify all the settings here. For example, you can change it to "edu. cityu. testapp ".

Note: The "bundle identifier" value of your app project must match the "bundle identifier" value of the app ID you created earlier.

You can also see"Bundle name"And"Bundle display name"All are set to dynamic parameter $ {product_name }.

Bundle Name-Is folder name, where your app (including executable file and all resources)
Will be stored (cool program. APP ). Do not modify bundle name

Bundle display name-is what will be shown on iPhone screen, that is, the name displayed when you install the app on the iPhone.

Note: Bundle
Display name must correspond to bundle name, that is, the bundle display name and bundle name cannot be too different. For example, if bundle name is set to theapplication and bundle display name is set to "Jin Pingmei", Apple will reject your app.

You can also modify these attributes in info. plist file.

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