iOS gets the size of the storage space in the folder, the size of the phone's remaining space, the total phone space size tool

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  diskspacetool.h//  screenrecordmaster////  Created by Feimo on 15/7/24.//  Copyright (c) 2015 Feimo. All rights reserved.//#import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/mount.h > @interface diskspacetool:nsobject+ (nsstring *) freediskspaceinbytes;//Phone remaining space + (NSString *) totaldiskspaceinbytes ///Mobile total space + (NSString *) Foldersizeatpath: (nsstring*) folderpath;//a folder takes up the size of the space @end

diskspacetool.m//screenrecordmaster////Created by Feimo on 15/7/24.//Copyright (c) 2015 Feimo. All rights reserved.//#import "DiskSpaceTool.h" @implementation diskspacetool//phone remaining space + (NSString *)    freediskspaceinbytes{struct STATFS buf;    Long Long freespace =-1;    if (Statfs ("/var", &buf) >= 0) {FreeSpace = (long Long) (buf.f_bsize * buf.f_bfree);    } return [self humanreadablestringfrombytes:freespace];    }//mobile Phone Total space + (NSString *) totaldiskspaceinbytes{struct statfs buf;    Long long freespace = 0;    if (Statfs ("/", &buf) >= 0) {FreeSpace = (long Long) buf.f_bsize * buf.f_blocks;    } if (Statfs ("/private/var", &buf) >= 0) {freespace + = (long long) buf.f_bsize * buf.f_blocks;    } printf ("%lld\n", freespace); return [self humanreadablestringfrombytes:freespace];} Traverse folder to get folder size + (NSString *) Foldersizeatpath: (nsstring*) folderpath{nsfilemanager* manager = [Nsfilemanager Defaultma    Nager]; if (![ Manager FileexIstsatpath:folderpath]) return 0;    Nsenumerator *childfilesenumerator = [[manager Subpathsatpath:folderpath] objectenumerator];    nsstring* FileName;    Long long foldersize = 0; while ((FileName = [Childfilesenumerator nextobject]) = nil) {nsstring* Fileabsolutepath = [FolderPath Stringbyapp        Endingpathcomponent:filename];    Foldersize + = [self filesizeatpath:fileabsolutepath]; } return [self humanreadablestringfrombytes:foldersize];}    Size of individual file + (long Long) Filesizeatpath: (nsstring*) filepath{nsfilemanager* manager = [Nsfilemanager Defaultmanager];    if ([manager Fileexistsatpath:filepath]) {return [[manager Attributesofitematpath:filepath Error:nil] fileSize]; } return 0;}    Calculate file Size + (NSString *) Humanreadablestringfrombytes: (unsigned long long) bytecount{float numberofbytes = byteCount;        int multiplyfactor = 0;        Nsarray *tokens = [nsarray arraywithobjects:@ "bytes", @ "KB", @ "MB", @ "GB", @ "TB", @ "PB", @ "EB", @ "ZB", @ "YB", nil]; while (numbErofbytes > 1024x768) {numberofbytes/= 1024;    multiplyfactor++; } return [NSString stringwithformat:@ "%4.2f%@", numberofbytes, [tokens Objectatindex:multiplyfactor]];} @end

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iOS gets the size of the storage space in the folder, the size of the phone's remaining space, the total phone space size tool

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