IOS high imitation Gome, secondary application, thumb-up injection animation, movie screening page and other source code, ios high imitation

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IOS high imitation Gome, secondary application, thumb-up injection animation, movie screening page and other source code, ios high imitation
IOS featured source codeHigh imitation Gome

IOS bullet screen Library

Imitation live video 321 countdown Animation

High imitation Netease secondary element GACHA

TabBar with raised rotation button in the middle of iOS

IOS architecture practices: AOP substitution base class + MVVM + ReactiveObjC + JLRoutes group...

Common React Native functions



Simple QR code scan [MMScan] [update]


IOS blogs IOS practice: roller coaster with core Animation

Hu HU finally finished the last article today. He was also drunk for two or three months. From the very beginning, I had to write only three articles, but I was not sure about the results. I got a little bit of bonus today. Because too much content was added, it almost turned into a letter from the eunuch, but fortunately I didn't give up on myself. So you can do well. If it looks pretty good, just like it and enjoy a little bit. I write this stuff with hair garbled and red eyes. Wow wow ~ What do you want to write next... Read original

Perform the next step after multiple network requests in iOS

During development, we are prone to this need. We need to make multiple network requests at the same time, and all network requests are completed before proceeding to the next step. If multiple images are downloaded, they can only be displayed after being downloaded. Today, we will study the solution to this problem. 1. First, we create a project, and then do a general practice, without any processing to request an interface for 10 consecutive times: first create the first case in viewDidLoad. 12345... Read original

IOS dynamic grid layout scheme

Preface in the daily development process, we will encounter some pages or view blocks that need to be dynamically changed from time to time. The following figure shows the requirements in zdm_home.png, different functional modules need to be displayed in each part of the graph, and different pages need to be displayed when you click. The layout implementation is very simple, but if the layout needs to be changed from time to time, such as switching A to the right, changing the size and other uncertainties, we cannot... Read original

Hello, macro defines the magic world

Macro is simply to replace the corresponding text content according to predefined rules. The replaced text content can be an object or a function. Since it is a replacement, we need to follow certain rules for execution. The rules here are the main content to be discussed in this article, we hope that through in-depth analysis and layer-by-layer analysis, we can have a more thorough understanding of macro definition, and then use and utilize the magic of macro definition in actual projects. using macro definition not only makes the Code look more... Read original

IOS componentization practices (based on CocoaPods)

I am not familiar with this picture when I am working on iOS development. cocoapods does bring us great convenience when I use the third library. So, how do we make our own pods?

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