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Ui project:

Panoramagl -- 720 panoramic display

Panorama viewer library for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Mbprogresshud -- Progress indication

An elegant, translucent progress display. It also provides other additional functions, such as displaying complete information and fading out.

Icarousel-page arrangement with cool effects

Pages with similar content need to be arranged for users to choose from. Icarousel has very cool 3D effects, such as classic coverflow and timemachine. In addition, it has other effects such as Linearity and cylindrical shape. It can be used for image selection, Book Selection, and webpage selection.

Coreplot -- 2D drawing

Data Visualization allows you to draw beautiful bar charts, pie charts, and line charts.

Kal -- iPhone calendar Control

An open-source calendar library similar to the default calendar in IOS. It supports adding events and customizing calendar styles.

Egotableviewpullrefresh -- refresh the drop-down list

With this library, you can easily implement pull-down refresh. Software such as Weibo and RSS reader is frequently used.

Cmpoptipview-bubble-style prompt Interface

An open-source control of a bubble-style prompt box inherited from uiview. IPad and iPhone.

Hmltransitions -- view switching Animation

Provides 3D animation effects when switching between uiview and uiviewcontroller. For example, flip, open the door, and tear the paper.

Quickdialog -- table-style configuration interface

On the iPhone, uitableview is usually used to create some configurations and logon interfaces, which are usually very mechanical and annoying. Quickdialog allows you to quickly place On/Off Controls, date controls, scyclers, and single-choice button edit boxes in table items. In this way, you do not need to use a low-level uitableview.

Jmtabview -- custom label bar and tabbar

Jmtabview is an open-source control of the tag bar customized by IOS. The interface effects are completely drawn using core graphics, rather than images. Therefore, the content is easily changed to what you need.

Sbtablealert -- message dialog box with table View

The sbtablealert dialog box provides a method that includes the uitableview effect in the uialertview view. This allows you to select multiple tables in uialertview. Easy to use.

Easytableview -- tableview that can be horizontally or vertically rolled

The original uitableview can only scroll vertically. Easytableview can easily implement horizontal scrolling of tableview and implement custom views repeatedly. It is similar to reusing uitableviewcell, which is helpful for improving the efficiency.

Mtstatusbaroverlay -- display custom view on the status bar

IOS programs usually have a status bar at the top. By using this library, you can easily display some information on the status bar, such as the download progress.

IOS-magnifyingglass-Ios magnifiers can be displayed in a magnifier style or a magnification.

Easytableview ------- horizontal scrolling uitablview

This is a practical transformation that enables horizontal scrolling of uitableview...

Non-UI interface class:

Regexkitlite -- Regular Expression

To extract specific content from a string or check the validity of the input, a regular expression is often used. Regexkitlite extends nsstring and supports regular expression search and replacement.

Openear-speech recognition and TTS

Provides speech recognition and text-to-speach interfaces.

Asihttprequest -- HTTP network library

The asihttprequest Library greatly simplifies network communication and provides more advanced tools, such as file upload tools, redirection processing tools, verification tools, and so on.

Kissxml -- XML Parsing Library

A very convenient XML parser that supports XPath query.

Fmdatabase -- objective-C encapsulation of SQLite

The c api of SQLite is too cumbersome, trivial, and difficult for beginners. Fmdb simply wraps the c api into an easy-to-use objective-C class. For beginners of SQLite, it greatly reduces the difficulty of getting started. With fmdb, when writing a program, you only need to concentrate on the SQLite syntax, instead of having to handle the bunch of C APIs that you don't understand. This is really a pleasure.

Jsonframework -- JSON support

It is an open-source framework released based on the BSD Protocol. Because the JSON-framework is open-source, you only need to add the JSON source code to your project when you need to use it.

Sdwebimage-simplified network image processing

Using sdwebimage to call images on a website is as simple as calling images built in the app package locally. The operation is also very simple.

Google toolbox for MAC (GTM)-code collected from different Google Projects

Contains a variety of tool classes. For example, base64 and binary encoding and decoding of strings, comparison of system version numbers, and path searching. Each tool class is independent and can be extracted and used separately.

Sfhfkeychainutils (scifihifi-iPhone) -- save the user password to the keychain

For user security, you can use the key string keychain to save the user password. Sfhfkeychainutils encapsulates key string access, read/write, and is easy to use.

Mkstorekit-in-program purchase

Encapsulation of the Process purchased in the program.


Glgesturerecognizer-gesture Reader

It encapsulates a variety of gesture identifiers, such as triangles, rectangles, circles, and pentagram.


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