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#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h>

@interface uiview (Shape)

-(void ) Setshape: (cgpathref) shape;
#import "Uiview+shape.h"

@implementation UIView (Shape)

-(void) Setshape: (cgpathref) Shape
    if ( Shape = = nil) {
        self.layer.mask = nil;
    cashapelayer* Masklayer = [Cashapelayer layer];
    Masklayer.path = shape;
    Self.layer.mask = Masklayer;

@interface Uibezierpath (Basicshape)
+ (Uibezierpath *) Cutcorner: (cgrect) originalframe length: (cgfloat) length;
#import "Uibezierpath+basicshape.h"

@implementation Uibezierpath (basicshape)

+ (Uibezierpath *) Cutcorner: ( CGRect) originalframe Length: (cgfloat) length
    CGRect rect = originalframe;
    Uibezierpath *bezierpath = [Uibezierpath Bezierpath];

    [Bezierpath movetopoint:cgpointmake (0, length)];
    [Bezierpath addlinetopoint:cgpointmake (length, 0)];
    [Bezierpath addlinetopoint:cgpointmake (rect.size.width-length, 0)];
    [Bezierpath addlinetopoint:cgpointmake (rect.size.width, length)];
    [Bezierpath Addlinetopoint:cgpointmake (Rect.size.width, Rect.size.height-length)];
    [Bezierpath Addlinetopoint:cgpointmake (Rect.size.width-length, Rect.size.height)];
    [Bezierpath addlinetopoint:cgpointmake (length, rect.size.height)];
    [Bezierpath addlinetopoint:cgpointmake (0, Rect.size.height-length)];
    [Bezierpath Closepath];
    return bezierpath;

How to: Add the following code in the [UIView viewwillappear:] Method
[Self.view Setshape:[uibezierpath cutCorner:self.view.bounds length:40]. Cgpath];


Allow custom Button to respond to click events in Custom Shape
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "uiview+shape.h"
#import "uibezierpath+basicshape.h"

@interface rfbutton:uibutton{
    cgpathref path;

////  rfbutton.m
//Christapp////  Created by  haozhen Li on 13-12-6.

#import "RFButton.h"

@implementation Rfbutton

-(ID) initWithFrame: (CGRect) frame
    self = [super Initwithframe:frame];
    if (self) {
        //initialization code
    } return

-(void) Setshape: (cgpathref) shape
    [super Setshape:shape];
    Path = shape;

-(BOOL) Pointinside: (cgpoint) point withevent: (Uievent *) event
    if (cgpathisempty (path)) {return
        YES ;
    Determine if the trigger point is within the specified Shape
    if (cgpathcontainspoint (path, nil, point, nil)) {return
    return NO;

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