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TestFlight makes it easy to invite users to test our app and collect feedback before the app is officially released. To use TestFlight, simply upload the beta version of itunes Connect to the app and add the name and mailbox of the tester you want to invite to the itunes Connect. Testers need to install Testflightapp and then test and feed back information by downloading the beta version of App Testflight-app. TestFlight need iOS8 above system can install, but now basically is iOS8 above, so don't need to worry. the way of TestFlight test

TestFlight test methods are divided into two types, one is internal testing, the other is external testing. Functionally, both types of testing can be used to test the tester's app during the testing phase. But there is a difference. Internal Testing

Internal testing mainly refers to the itunes connect in your development team to participate in technology development or management of members (administrators, technical, legal personnel), can invite up to 25 internal members to test, no audit restrictions, directly add testers, you can start testing. External Testers

An external tester can be anyone who has an e-mail address and is invited to perform beta tests on your app. External testers can include your itunes connect user, but itunes connect users cannot be both internal and external testers. You can invite up to 10,000 external testers for each app you have. And the external testers can be divided into different groups, but the group is not visible to testers. If an external person is invited, the first build is submitted to the Beta app audit. Subsequent builds of the same version may not require comprehensive auditing. testflight Use Process 1 Input your test information

Enter test information for your app, such as a description and feedback email. If you plan to distribute the app to an external tester, you need to do that. 2) Upload build version

Use Xcode or application loader to upload your build version. Note here: Determine if an uploaded app needs to provide an export certificate. Build version upload can be tested within 90 days 3) Invite both internal and external personnel

Add internal testers (up to 25 itunes connect users in your organization) so they have access to the build you distribute. Then invite external testers (up to 10,000 people outside your organization) to test your app. You can also create groups for testers and assign specific builds to that group of rents. If you are inviting an external tester, the build needs to undergo a beta app audit ("Beta app Audit" is an app review process that is distributed to external testers using TestFlight). Only one version of the first build needs to be audited. Subsequent versions may not require full approval before they can start testing 4 the tester downloads Testflight-app and accepts invitations

Testers need to download Testflight-app in the App Store on their device. The tester then needs to use the TestFlight invitation code, install your app for testing, send feedback, and get updates. 5 View testers and build version information

Track build status and metrics (such as usage times and crash Records) from your itunes connect to trace your testers ' participation and app's performance. You can also resend the invitation to testers who have not yet been invited. 6) Collect feedback from testers

During the test, read the feedback from the tester and the feedback will be sent to the mailbox that was first worked out. Also, before submitting the app to the App Store, improve your app and continue distributing builds, knowing that all problems are solved 7 stop testing

You can choose to set a build to expire to stop testing it, and go to the app Discovery process Overview to submit your app to the app Store. If you do not set the current build to expire and upload it to the App Store, even after it has been online in the App Store, testers who have received the invitation will still be able to test your build version. After 90 days, your build version will not be available in TestFlight. Advantages of TestFlight

We used to test all the UDID that the testers needed to provide the equipment, and the developers needed to add the UDID to the developer Center to register the corresponding device information, so each time a new tester joined, we needed to add the device information again, and to regenerate the visa document (provisioning profile) and repackage it, and the device has a 100 on-line, it is very inconvenient to operate.

But now using testflight, we only need the tester to provide an email address, the developer login to the itunes connect to add testers and the corresponding email address information, and then send the test invitation, the tester accepts the invitation, Test by downloading your app from Testflight-app. We no longer need the udid of the device, and the number is no longer 100, as the external testers mentioned earlier can have 10000, with the emphasis on not having to reconfigure the certificate every time, just upload the build to itunes.

Of course, you can also use a third-party platform for testing.

For concrete step-by-step operation, here is not demonstrated, you can refer to this blog reference

Beta Testing Made Simple

TestFlight Beta test Overview

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