IOS version Distribution: 7, 8 accounted for 96% of the share-it is time to unify and ignore the small six children

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IOS 7, 8 has a 96% share-it's time to unify and ignore the little six.

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According to Apple's official website December 8, 2014, IOS 7, 8 accounted for 96% of the share-it is time to unify and ignore the small six children.

The translation of the following sentence, although there is no biting the head, but the message is indeed large enough.

63% of the devices are using iOS 8 (maybe there is water, but not all the Apple's intentions, iOS 7 will be the starting point!) )

What about the Android map? No climbing wall for the time being the Chief tool, follow up.

IOS OS updates for Apple devices are much faster than Android, thanks to a unified device and a unified platform.

And Android is also thinking about the strategy, the downstream equipment manufacturers control is in a very intensive planning.

In the same market environment, Apple's flat, Android navigation title, all prove that 80% of the parts have been completed, are vying for 20% of the part, 28 law should soon be effective, let us wait and see.

Just like the PC CPU development has reached a critical point, vertical can not be a breakthrough, will be in the horizontal extension, then the Apple and Android in the field of wearable equipment progress is not satisfactory, whether it can be considered, the time is not yet?

Yes, the sensing devices have lagged behind, so where do the next giants go with their efforts?

Perhaps the enclosure movement is about to begin, and the traditional realm will be occupied one by one, through the accumulation of quantitative levels, perhaps five years later, the qualitative leap will occur.

IOS version Distribution: 7, 8 accounted for 96% of the share-it is time to unify and ignore the small six children

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