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    • 1. Official Apple Resources
    • 2. Domestic and foreign video site recommendation
    • 3. Chinese documents
    • 4.demo website
    • 5. Development tools Recommended
    • 6. Domestic and Foreign Development website forum
    • 7. Technical Blog Recommendation
    • 8. Book recommendation
    • 9. Third-Party framework recommendations
    • 10. Third-party publishing platform
    • 11.Terminal Instructions for Xcode
    • 12. Classic article recommendation, Welcome to contribute
    • 13.iOS Development Problem Collection, welcome to contribute
    • Topics such as 14.swift2.0 syntax updates and Xcode changes

1. Official information
    • The Swift programming language online official documentation

    • The Swift programming language ibooks Official documentation

    • Swift syntax changes official online instructions, will be specially organized later, please look forward to

    • Swift Using Swift with Cocoa and OBJECTIVE-C official documentation

    • Scroll View Guide Official documentation

    • Apple Watch Guide Official documentation

    • Playground Online official documentation

    • The Swift programming Language Beta release!! The latest syntax changes are explained here

    • More official documents above ...

    • Swift's Official Blog

    • Apple Swift official resource, such as Xcode download, swift syntax update, etc.

2. Domestic and foreign video site recommendation
    • Stanford White Beard Swift instructional video and subtitle download, video demo See demo section

    • Plymouth Plymouth University:ios Development in Swift Itunesu course links

    • Raywenderlich view, frame, animation, etc. swift&oc

    • SWIFTV free video site recommended under

    • Excellent network, but not only for iOS general

    • Code network, the data is a little bit

    • 51CTO College personal Feeling can also be part of free

3. Chinese documents
    • The SWIFT programming language Chinese document GitHub version (PS This is absolutely the latest)

    • The SWIFT programming language Chinese document Gitbooks version (future Eye of the old Code team maintenance)

    • Swift changes in various historical versions

4.demo website
    • Stanford White Beard Video source code download

    • Code4app offers a wide range of demos and frames, and is highly recommended

    • Pudn code Download portal up to 2.4 million source code, not just Swift

    • Swift Open source project selection. GitHub, if you want to contribute to the open source business, open it.

5. Development tools Recommended
    • CocoaPods Package Manager No need to say more

    • Icon material download, because it is foreign website open a little slow

    • Brew MacOS X is an essential Suite manager

    • Sktech Chinese Website Design aspect

6. Domestic and Foreign Development website forum
    • Raywenderlich official website

    • Cocos Game development Website

    • Swift Tips Update website

    • Open source worth recommending

    • StackOverflow problem or the most direct here

    • Swiftcast a swift teaching website abroad is of good quality

    • cocochina-Apple Development Chinese web

    • CSDN

    • Jane Book, the page refreshing, if you want to have a blog, suggest try

    • Nshipster from sugar and sugar sharing

    • OBJCCN to create a technology station

    • Strive to be the most professional it reading community--from its website title, Starry Night recommended

7. Technical Blog Recommendation
    • The technical blog of the Tang Qiao great God

    • The technical blog of Meow God

    • Yanfangjin csdn Blog, the great God has turned a lot of iOS development class articles, over a period of collection

    • Optioalswift Team Blog

    • BLOC Foreign Tutorials website is more than just iOS

    • Nanyi Great God blog, the classic article is too much, not only for a piece

8. Books recommended 8.1 domestic books
    • Old code said programming to play the Swift lakes, beginners books, talk witty.
    • Swift tips. Meow production is worth reading, need a certain foundation.
    • Advanced IOS Development. Tang Qiao produced.
8.2 Foreign Books
    1. Produced by Raywenderlich
      • IOS Games by Tutorials game development based on Spritekit
      • IOS Apprentice Novice Small white starter books, 4 examples, an example of a book
      • Core Data by Tutorials. Data storage.
      • IOS 8 by tutorials. Opening talk Autolayout,extension
      • WatchKit by Tutorials. Apple Watch Development
      • IOS animations by tutorials. Animation production, there is no heartbeat.
      • Swift by Tutorials. Swift Introductory book.
      • Space Game Starter Kit. OC Game Development
      • Beat ' Em up Game Starter Kit. OC Game Development
    2. O ' Reilly produced
      • Programming IOS 8
      • Beginning_iphone_development_with_swift_exploring_the_ios_sdk
      • IOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook
    3. Others
      • Functional programming in Swift. Paradigm Programming.
      • Developing IOS 8 Apps in swift--by Jameson quave
      • Beginning IOS 8 Programming with Swift

The above are English books, for the English conditions are quite large. Think English is good and interested in the above books can go to the right link to the team blog to view.

9. Third-party Framework library recommendations
    • Image recognition third-party library Tesseract-ios recommendations

    • SWIFTZ Swiftz is a library written for functional programming, defines the extension of data structure functions, and so on, GitHub links

    • Refresh the Pull menu customization, developed by Yalantis, rave, GitHub link

    • Lightweight JavaScript Bridging Swift library, github links

    • Imitation Apple Rubber Band animation effect, GitHub link

    • A practical extension library for UIImage and Uiimageview that includes fill and gradient, cropping, zooming, and online picture capture with caching mechanisms. From the Swift language guide issue29.

    • QQ Slide Effect Swift tutorial GitHub link

    • QQ side-slip Swift frame Jim produced github link [New!!!!]

10. Third-party publishing platform
    • Dandelion Application Publishing platform you can choose to publish the app here for everyone to use a pity or a certificate

11.Terminal Instructions for Xcode
    • SpriteKit wants to see what the. atlasc file ultimately generates. The terminal executes the following command. PS: "()" within the schematic text.
$cd (包含.atlasc文件的当前目录下)$/Applications/ sprites.atlas ~/Desktop/
    • 1
    • 2

12. Classic article recommendation, Welcome to contribute
    • Develop a Russian game, English

    • Swift OC-integrated, step in detail, English!

    • Jameson Quave Tutorial on developing iOS with Swift, English

    • The higher Order Functions in Swift article describes closures in swift and how to use

    • Game development, a whole list is, free choice ...

    • Old version NetEase news iOS version uses the open source component, source book author Janztam

    • The iOS application architecture discusses the organization and invocation scenarios of the view layer. (Casa Taloyum), reading down the feeling of the theory is very strong, the length of a long want to read a preparation

    • One objective-c to Swift's rewriting tour, recommended reading

    • Swift documentation: Changes in Xcode 6-nshipster

13.iOS Development Problem Collection, welcome to contribute
    • Brazen advertising, blogger blog has a classification is about solving development problems ....

    • Payment issues OC Forum share version

    • Swift's source of the curry function book author Ahan

Topics such as 14.swift2.0 syntax updates and xcode changes [NEW!!!]
    • What's new in Xcode 7 Beta release, Swift 2.0? -old Code team produced

    • Excerpt from the official blog Swift2.0 's most authoritative description English

    • WWDC 2015 essentials: IOS 9, new OS X, WatchOS 2, Swift Open source soft article a general understanding

    • Swift 2.0 Release: Open source, support Linux Soft article a piece of understanding can

    • Official Introducing Swift 2--Unofficial Blog

    • Xode7 + Swift2 specific Xcode7 Download, Swift Grammar book, Swift Library Reference, 3 demo Tutorials

    • Xcode_7_beta_release_notes official address lengthy and patient advice to look at

    • TIOBE June 2015 programming language leaderboard: Swift shares rise, objective-c into freefall – excerpt from CSDN

    • swift2.0 Grammar changes in Chinese brief translation, at present, the first to browse the specific syntax has been updated to see the team blog. [NEW!!!]

    • Thanks Source:

Ios_swift Development Resource Collation

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