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PHP is quite simple. I think it's so difficult. Maybe it's my first time to study programming in depth. PHP is quite simple. I think it's so difficult. Maybe it's my first time to study programming in depth. Reply content: before the opening, ask: are you really planning to learn PHP?

Maybe your ideal programmer is like this: high IQ, high income, knocking on the keyboard, drinking coffee, and listening to music can develop products like God, it seems that there is no task in the computer world, and they cannot do anything.

But in reality, it may be like this:

All day long facing the computer, it seems to outsiders that it may be profound, but in fact it is ctrl + c, ctrl + v, there is an endless class, and it is also labeled as 'coken ', even the tag of the 'copeat ···

The above is actually the survival status of most underlying programmers in China. For those who want to enter this industry, they must first understand this point: programming is not a profound thing, and the entry threshold is not that high. participate in training courses, in a few months to half a year, you will be able to start your career. However, if you only stay at the initial level, do not think ahead, and do not have any strength in addition to code, then the status of survival is quite difficult, especially after the age of thirty, temper and inertia are increasing, however, the situation is even more embarrassing when the energy and physical strength are exhausted.

The value of programmers who can keep forging ahead and learn new technologies and are not limited to technology is growing. after a few years, they will become the technical director and project manager and take private orders in their spare time, or be a full-time free developer.

If you still have the determination to learn programming, we will officially talk about how to learn PHP.

If you want to learn a skill, you must first know what it is and how it is used. especially for friends who want to learn or become a PHP programmer without a basic knowledge, I should have a general understanding of PHP, because learning programming requires a lot of patience to stick to it. although it is not difficult, it takes a long time to practice. Many people learn from curiosity and give up on the middle of the journey because of boredom. It is the most pity to give up halfway, not only to give up the success, but also to their confidence in learning new things, feel that they are not learning programming material. In fact, PHP is relatively easy to use in many programming languages and is suitable for beginners to learn. PHP is hard to learn. it is up to you to learn well. First, find the cause from yourself, which is essential for programmers. The execution of the program is not wrong, and the bug must be caused by the programmer's error.

PHP is most widely used in the WEB field, and most small and medium websites use PHP. It is not difficult to master PHP, but it is difficult for PHP programmers to understand the front-end, backend, database, and server. The specific learning sequence is:

Stage 1: literacy. Understand what the B/S mode is, and how to obtain information by entering a url in a browser. Familiar with html, can quickly use p + css to write static pages, be familiar with js, and master jquery. In many small companies, PHP programmers have joined the front-end activities. Even if the company has a full-time front-end, PHP programmers must understand it, be able to change css, write basic js effects, and use jquery to greatly speed up work and write cool code.

Stage 2: basic PHP syntax. Master the basic syntax and understand what variables, constants, data types, and common functions are. PHP function libraries are rich and cannot be remembered in all cases. However, you must at least practice common functions in the manual several times before using them. Instead of writing it for half a day, we can find that this function can be solved with a built-in function.

Stage 3: Learning about databases and WEB servers. The best partner of PHP is Mysql (database) and Apache (web server). for Apache, it usually has less operations and can be configured. Mysql is particularly important. In the early stage, I learned how to use PHP to operate Mysql for addition, deletion, modification, and query, understand common Mysql optimization principles, and use PHP + Mysql to write simple message board pages.

Stage 4: PHP deepening. Master Ajax asynchronous transmission, learn object-oriented, learn MVC frameworks, and master popular PHP frameworks, such as Yii frameworks and domestic ThinkPHP frameworks, to form good coding habits. Quickly develop websites using frameworks.

Stage 5: optimization technology for large websites, such as static pages, Memcached cache technology, and MySql database deep optimization.

The above five stages are only the elementary to intermediate levels of PHP, and there is still a long way to go from the advanced level (acting as a WEB architect. In addition, PHP can be omnipotent not just by learning a PHP program. various programming languages have advantages and disadvantages. the language itself is not inferior, and the language is just a tool for implementing functions. If you can reach a high level (master multiple languages and master one or two languages), you will find that the language itself is not important, and programming is the most important.

It is like:

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It is not enough for PHP engineers to master PHp only. all PHP engineers are talking about Lamp development. Share a compiled Lamp development skills table. It is not perfect yet and will be supplemented later.
Http:// AB %AF%E5%BC%80%E5%8F%91%E6%8A%80%E8%83%BD%E8%A1%A8v0.html Php is not difficult:
1. php is very similar to c, so if you have a c foundation, it is not difficult to learn php, and the syntax is very simple.
2. php is open-source and there are a lot of online materials.
PHP Tutorial PHP:
PHP Manual
SpeedPHP framework, SpeedPHP quick development framework, and Chinese PHP Framework
Download website source code, A5 source code
3. add a php "Bible" and "PHP and MySQLWeb development" to get started with php.
In addition, php is easy to use and requires continuous efforts in the future to be proficient. I feel less familiar with it now. Work together.

-------- Split line ------------------
I am ashamed to get so much approval. as I work deeply, I feel that I have learned less and understand less. I still remember my interview with a big data company in Beijing. the interviewer asked me a question, what books have I read recently, and I have mentioned a few books, like what, from entry to proficiency, the interviewer looked helpless and sighed: You have been working for three years, now I should read these books, such as some basic myql usage, and so on within one or two years after graduation. After three years, I should read some deeper things. After being trained, I found that I did not read much.

Recall that I worked overtime every day in my previous company. after work, I seldom read professional books systematically. I only need sporadic materials and I can check online materials, not a system.
I feel that programmers are in stages. reading a book at a stage cannot stop. I have never learned programming, and I think it is difficult. I will stay away for a while. It was easy to get started one day. If you have answered questions from other places, the personal experience you have shared is still suitable for this question. Copy the following:
Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am learning to develop my website. I have learned more than a year. I am from liberal arts. I started from scratch and mainly watched videos. Share my experience. Html css js php mysql is learned in this order. For details about html + css, refer to the first 22 chapters of Han Shunping's "php from entry to proficiency", outline how to learn HTML + CSS, and for js, refer to Han Shunping's "ten-day javascript course". after learning, you can learn how to use js tanks to fight games. As for PHP, I went back to "php from entry to mastery". This video is a classic video for learning PHP. you can watch this video and get a high praise. Next we will go to mysql. you can refer to Han Zhongkang's "5-day fun with mysql", add, delete, modify, and query, left and right connections, subqueries, triggers, and stored procedures. Apache personally believes that learning to install the environment will achieve pseudo-static, 301 jump, etc., without further research. If you really want to build a website, we recommend that you learn TP. in this tutorial, we recommend Sun Shuhua's "instructor Sun will take you to learn tp for 4 days". The author takes you to learn tp as a project in Yongda mall. Let's talk about this many things first! In other words, learning should be more specific and greedy! How simple PHP is. Watch this video (PHP Tutorial _ PHP Development Environment Building video ). .
How difficult is PHP? watch this video (PHP video tutorial _ PHP Development Environment Building video) .

Don't click the link. let me finish the conversation.

You know, I am actually a science student. when I chew on physical science every day, I always envy my friends who recite Shi dizheng in my dormitory.

Suddenly one day, the liberal arts students and I said, I really regret learning liberal arts. Every day I carry things and get bored. it's better to study with brains like you, what does Newton's second law, you don't have to remember and use it easily.

Therefore, the difficulties of various families. We always think that Bill Gates has a good life, but we don't know that he has difficulties.

You are in the trap of PHP and think it is difficult. In fact, if you learn Python, you will find it difficult. I still find it difficult to learn C language at the beginning.

The simple meaning is not to say that it is not laborious, but that it is willing to learn it easily. What is really hard is hard to learn. for example, the nightmare of all college students is high. However, you still need to learn high numbers. before you become a senior programmer, you will find that high numbers are only required for algorithm.

Well, I don't know what I said. I'll see you again. Php is easy to learn. But after you have learned PHP, you will find that, however, there is no such thing. You also need to learn about MySQL databases, HTML, css, js, Linux, and even memcache, redis, mangoDB... Studious. can you tell me what it feels like? Copy the answer above to csdn for reference (original address: Please Recommend php books, and want to learn about PHP 100-CSDN forum-CSDN. NET-China's largest IT technology community) ):
Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
There are more and more people paying attention to PHP. Unfortunately, there are few domestic PHP5 books, which are almost useless.
PHP4 is about to be yellow tomorrow, so it is best to learn PHP5 directly when learning PHP. The following are some of my favorite PHP5 books:

1. Core PHP Programming, 3rd Edition

This book is written by Leon Atkinson, a PHP expert, and Zeev Suraski, one of the founders of PHP. Domestic
Version 2nd: PHP4, but this version is not available yet. The school library has an original version, but unfortunately there is only one.
(Now in my hands, click it ). It is very comprehensive. as a Web programming knowledge, almost all of it includes
. The most valuable Part is Part 4, which describes Software Enginerring and introduces the design, efficiency, and debugging,
The four most common design modes are also introduced, which are of great reference value. Unfortunately, it was a 03-Year Book. at that time
PHP5 is still under development, so some content in it is not completely suitable for the current PHP5, such as namespace (
PHP5 does not support namespaces ). However, as a comprehensive book of PHP5, this book is very
Classic, can be used for entry, or for improvement.

2. PHP5 Power Programming

This book is written by Andi Gutmans, another founder of PHP, specifically for PHP5. I personally think this book
It is not suitable for learning, but it is suitable for reference when improving. It took a lot of time to describe PHP5's object-oriented mechanism,
However, it is basically the same as the Core PHP Programming, so it will be very fast to read the Core.
As a warm story. Another chapter introduces the advanced object-oriented features in PHP5, such as the iterator and Reflection API (
Reflection API, called introspection in other object-oriented languages), also introduces the design mode.
Unfortunately, like the previous book, it only talks about the features of PHP, specific to PHP advanced applications.
In practice, I feel quite lacking. I haven't talked about the MVC model in two books, and these are for advanced PHP programming.
Very important. This book also introduces many advanced PHP features, such as the PEAR package, APC,
The use of APD, Xdebug, and Zend Studio is very valuable.
In short, this is a very suitable book for improvement. like Core, it is also a classic in PHP books.

3. PHP and MySQL Web Development, 3rd Edition

This is the only PHP5 book available in China.
Reading is inexplicable. This book is suitable for beginners and intermediate PHP learning. it is very practical and has many basic applications.
Instances are suitable for getting started. Besides the good database knowledge, I also talked about using PHP and MySQL.
Many basic software project management methods are introduced, which
Practical. The following chapters are examples of shopping cart (which I do not like most), email list, and content.
The preparation of the management system and forum is only a foundation, and there are no advanced skills, so it seems uncomfortable.
Server, huh, huh.
There is a general description of e-commerce security, which can be referred to below. I personally feel pretty good about the content.
Is the MySQL part, which basically covers the basic database and MySQL basic and advanced features.
I spoke deeply, and the right should be an entry guide.
Because it is available in China, many people may like to learn PHP5 from this book.
Error. In short, this book is recommended.

4. Essential PHP Security

This is a book about PHP coding security, which deserves the attention of PHP developers. I think this is
A must-read book will make you feel cold sweat. There are too few people paying attention to security coding.
Professional PHP programmers, PHP Security features must be familiar with the chest, and this book provides a very good view

5. PHP Architect's Guide to PHP Design Patterns

I am reading this book. it is definitely helpful for PHP5 Object-Oriented Learning. I have introduced a lot
The design mode is directly implemented in PHP, which allows you to use the mode idea in one step. Chapter 4 Introduction
Introducing the MVC pattern in PHP, it can be said that it has a good header and is of great reference value.
Since I haven't finished reading it, I dare not comment on it much, but I'm sure this book is intended for PHP5
Advanced Programming is absolutely essential.
The Chinese version and phpchina community translation are available in China. you can download them for reference. In addition, it seems that
Another PHP design model book is called PHP5: Objects, Patterns and Practice.
Unfortunately, I can't find it after Google for a long time. I hope I can find it later. Yes.
It will be another exciting book.
It will be another exciting book.

Finally, I want to explain that you don't need to read Oreilly's PHP book, including those written by Rasmus Lerdorf, founder of PHP.
"Programming PHP" (now seems to be out of version 2nd), basically all about things are east of the PHP Manual
There is no need to repeat the time. Like Learning PHP5 and PHP Cookbook.
I personally think it is only a subset of the PHP Manual. Recently, it seems that another book can also be viewed as a subset,
The title is "Learning PHP and MySQL". I didn't see it at a glance. Not biased against Oreilly,
It's only because its books are all entry-level and have no gold content. it's the kind of books that can be viewed and discarded. Think about K & R
The C Programming Language. If you want to join this php family, I am very happy to welcome you, because I am also a phper, it can be said that it is often liked, enjoy a glorious like the creator. Php is a very simple language. The most important thing is open source. you can find many speculative friends in php. many things will not be hidden and shared! We look forward to your participation!
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