Is Google's native Gmail app about to log on to iOS?

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MG sigrad revealed that Google has developed a native Gmail application on the iOS platform. In addition, sgrad is confident that Google has submitted an application for app shelving to Apple, which may be being evaluated by Apple. Shgrad said that people who have tried this application think this application is very good, the highlight of this article is that Google's real-time delivery notification service has finally been introduced to many iPhone users with Gmail accounts. It also provides many email features of Google, such as the preferred inbox.

From the log of shgrad, he clearly felt that he was very much looking forward to this application for three reasons:

◆ Although Google always performs well in Web optimization, its performance in apps has been poor. But this time, I learned from people who have already used this application that the effect is very good! It may be amazing.

◆ IOS 5 brings improved message pushing to users, but it still does not benefit the e-mail application that comes with the system. However, the original Gmail App with an App attitude will make up for this deficiency.

◆ When a user uses Gmail, the first mail, one-click star, and other very practical functions have not been implemented on the iOS app yet. Now, you can easily complete these tasks on the iPhone.

Many iPhone users have been expecting such applications. Google hasn't launched any native iPhone applications for a long time. Maybe both companies are eager to launch immature products to ensure the quality of native applications. Although this application may be popular with iPhone users worldwide and theoretically delivers outstanding performance, Apple needs to allow users to change the default email client settings of the iPhone. In addition, if Google is further integrated into some G + functions, it is bound to win a more favorable position in mobile social networking.

Last year, Google took a major initiative to launch Google Calendar and other features that support the iPhone. This native application will be the most obvious measure Google has taken to support the iPhone platform.

Will this beauty come true for Apple users? I hope to see the familiar G mail icon in the app store.

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