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This article describes two uses. NET technology, specifically written in C # Jabber Code libraries–jabber.net, Agsxmpp, and a Java-written cross-platform Jabber Server–wilefire.


completion of Jabber protocal (XMPP): Core translation, in the next study will be combined with a Jabber code base and a Jabber server, do some analysis and practice XMPP implementation.


Jabber-net is a class library set that uses. NET technology to connect to the Jabber server. It does not currently have any plan to implement the server side, if you are interested in leading a sub-project to implement the server side, then you can exclude it from your choice. It is written in C #, but it can also be used. NET other languages, such as vb.net, can be used for components as well as for clients. At the same time, when you explore, you will find the good things deep inside, such as trees, command-line processing, and more than is also used. NET technology jabbercom to the simple.

In fact, Jabber-net seems to have been put on hold, and the latest and the new one was half a year ago, with new XEP support and support for VS2005. In addition, it has very few documents, and in addition to the mailing list of some sound, there is no support for the Project Development Forum or blog. So the official did not tidy up the source files and compiled libraries can be downloaded. However, only a few references can be made on its CVS.

Introduced in Jabber Code libraries:

Code libraries lists some of the well-known class libraries for JABBER/XMPP development.

library & nbsp; 







C #





Interested in studying Jabber-net's friends can download my compiled library from CVS: Jabber-net Setup


Agsxmpp is written in C # for the development of the XMPP Protocol SDK, which is published as open source software based on "Ag-software Shared Source licence". Current version 0.1.

Unlike Jabber-net, it supports the development of client, component, and server as an SDK, with good documentation, mailing lists, and development community support. Official page: Agsxmpp sdk,forum:agsxmpp SDK.

Here's a simple example, shows the use of agsxmpp Login XMPP server, send a message to another user's convenience. Use only three lines of code:

Wait for the Onlogin event and send your message
Xmpp. Send (New Message ("[Email protected]", Messagetype.chat, "Hello, How is You?"));

Introduced in Jabber Code libraries:









Shared Source





Wildfire is very well known, it is not a class library, but a Java-written cross-platform Jabber server implementation. It's easy to install, manage, customize, integrate with other applications, and federate other networks, even as a platform for your own applications. It has a strong Jive software community Support- Jive software:instant messaging.

Wildfire supports Chinese and is currently available in version 3.1, and we can use it based on GPL licenses.

Introduction in Jabber Servers:

Servers is a list of JABBER/XMPP server implementations that we can leverage from many open source projects and commercial uses.


Feature Score





GPL or proprietary

AIX, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, Windows

More Jabber server Introduction can be found in iso1600: common open source Jabber (XMPP) IM server Introduction


Jabber software:jabber-net, Agsxmpp and wilefire[turn]

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