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"Pretty cute, pretty cute. (Mm )"
"Zookeeper has been installed successfully. (Too beautiful )"
"Japan. (Japan's most beautiful )"
The waitress in the wine house was very red and happy: "She was very busy, very busy. (Thank you )"
Everyone laughed.

Akihabara's bar. I haven't seen it for a long time. I have a few old friends who want to change their cups.
Suddenly, Ling Hu said, "Unfortunately, our pistachio is not there ." He said that he has returned to the east.
"I don't know what happened to him in China? If it is good, I will try again ." Ouyang took over his remarks and said, "Sun, you 've been back for a while. Do you have any suggestions ?"
I am immersed in meditation.

After the financial storm, the situation has changed dramatically. The software outsourcing industry in Japan is particularly changing. A metaphor for comparison is: from depth to flat.
(1) features before the financial storm: multi-layer outsourcing.
-- This is the first hand that major customers outsource large projects to large IT companies;
-- Large IT companies package large projects into several medium-sized projects and outsource them to medium-sized IT companies;
-- Medium-sized IT companies package medium-sized projects into several small projects and outsource them to small IT companies;
-- Small IT companies split small projects into several micro-projects and outsource them to Chinese software outsourcing companies.
※If the original project is huge, the fifth sixth hand may appear.
※The work of software outsourcing companies in China is simple and boring because of their low level of work.
(2) features after the financial storm: Flat channels.
-- This is the first hand that major customers outsource large projects to large IT companies;
-- Large IT companies split and package large projects into several medium-sized projects and outsource them directly to China, which is the second-hand model;
※If the original project is huge, the third or fourth hand may appear.
※The working level of software outsourcing companies in China has rapidly increased.

So why is this change?
(1) economic downturn.
Not only is Japan a slump, but it is also a global slump. However, Japan cannot cut jobs at will. What should I do? How do Japanese companies make a living? The idea is to keep money in the company.
The specific approach is: internal projects within the company strive for internal digestion; external projects can be done by themselves; if they cannot be done by themselves, they will be sent to outsourcing bases in China. As a result, it is difficult for small and medium-sized IT companies in Japan to take projects from large IT enterprises. Naturally, the original multi-layer outsourcing model, like a dinosaur, has become a past tense.
(2) The rise of software outsourcing in China.
After ten years of hard work, China's software outsourcing industry has gone from nothing to nothing, from small to large, from weak to strong. from the past to the present, the group is no longer Wu xiameng. In addition, a considerable number of software companies have been fully trusted by Japanese customers. For these Japanese customers, it is no longer just to save money to get the software done in China. This is an inevitable choice to maintain their own competitiveness.

So what is the impact of such great changes on software practitioners in Japan, especially on a large number of programmers?
(1) Direct impact
From the current perspective, if we stay in Japan for development, there will be fewer opportunities, less money, and the future will become unpredictable.
(2) indirect impact
In my opinion, the impact will be extremely bad-programmers on the day will become the dust of society where "Five cannot be done.
① The technology is not successful.
Low-end and Middle-end technical work has gone to China. If you cannot do high-end jobs in Japan, most of the rest are low-end jobs. The result is-you will lose technical upside. In addition, you need to spend a lot of energy and time on Japanese and communication. Therefore, it is difficult for your technology to compete with your peers in China.
Okay, it's hard for you to rely on technology for dinner in the future!
② Language failure.
Originally, there was a BSE statement. Is bridgeseniorengineer. A senior technical engineer who serves as a communication engineer. In the original mode, normal translation cannot assume this role, because they do not understand the underlying technology, and there are too many technical terms and too many communication occasions and content.
However, in the new situation, when the project gets to China from a very high level, your Japanese language becomes unimportant, because when the entire development team has dozens of people who are Chinese, internal Communication no longer requires Japanese, and communication with the Japanese side requires only a small number of high-end professional translators. Imagine that your Japanese proficiency will be able to compete for such high-end professional Translation positions in the future?
OK. It's hard for you to eat in Japanese in the future.
③ Cannot be managed.
If you are not technically competent, have insufficient language, and are busy with low-end jobs every day, can you imagine that you will develop in management?
④ Failure in business.
The outsourcing trend has passed, the Japanese economy is sluggish, and your technical language management cannot be used. Obviously, you have no foundation in China (if you have a foundation, you will not go to Japan, huh, huh ), it's easy to create your own business.
⑤ Marriage fails.
When you get back to work, you need to work overtime (Japanese companies do not want you to be idle). When you get back to work, you need to learn Japanese. To be honest, the Japanese do not have time to look for objects (I have seen many 30 or 40-year-old single Japanese men and women). Will you be an exception?
Unless you are a natural male (a Chinese male with me, said a Japanese female colleague wants to be nice to him, he said he is married, and the other party says that a third party is willing to do so .), Or you can have a flash wedding. (I have seen two QQ flash marriages and have a good chat on QQ. The first time I went back to China, I saw a real person, and the second time I met was a wedding banquet, just a month before and after ).

"Hey, Sun Ge, what do you want? What do you think ?" Ouyang urged me not to know what I was thinking.
"Oh. I think if you are not a Japanese professional and have no girlfriend, you are not prepared to develop in Japan for a long time. It is better to develop in China ." I said.
Everyone laughed, but they soon fell into meditation.

"Guest guest, guest. (Guest, beer is coming .)" The smiling face of the female entertainment mm interrupted a short period of loneliness.
"Drinking! Drinking !" Everybody is drinking again.

The article has been written, but what title is better? In the twinkling of an eye, there are several red-blooded words-"endless waves in the East".


Song of endless waves to the Liaodong Region)

[Common name] Do not send dead songs to Bai in Liaodong -- Yuan tengfei

The former zhishilang of Changbai Mountains, pure with red ro back crotch.
Long and inactive for half a day, with a wheel knife shining. Go up the hill to eat deer and go down the hill to eat cattle and sheep.
When the official army was reached, the knife moved forward. For example, what is the injury to the head of Liaodong district.

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