Java Escape character

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Java Transit literal characters:

1. Eight binary escape sequence: \ + 1 to 3 bit 5 digits; Range ' \000 ' ~ ' \377 '
: null character
2.Unicode Escape Character: \u + four hexadecimal digits; 0~65535
\u0000: null character
3. Special characters: 3
\ ": Double quotation marks
\ ': Single quote
\ \: Backslash
4. Control characters: 5

\ ' Single quote character

\ \ backslash Character

\ r Enter

\ nthe line break

\f Paper Change page

\ t transverse jump lattice

\b Backspace

Escape of points:. ==> u002e
Escape of Dollar sign: $ ==> u0024
The escape of the symbol of the exponent: ^ ==> u005e
Escape of opening curly brace: {==> u007b
Escape of the left parenthesis: [==> u005b
Escape of the Left parenthesis: (==> u0028
Escape of vertical bars: | ==> u007c
Escape of Right parenthesis:) ==> u0029
Escape of asterisks: * ==> u002a
Escape of the plus sign: + ==> u002b
Escape of question marks:? ==> u003f
Anti-slash escape: ==> u005c

Java Escape character

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