Java Fifth time job

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Job 1: Displays all files under the specified directory in the list box (JList) component.
The code is as follows:
Import java.awt. ;
Import java.awt.event.
Import javax.swing. ;
Import javax.swing.event.
Import javax.swing.border.*;

Import java.util.List;
Import java.util.ArrayList;


public class WJ extends JFrame
Implements ChangeListener, ActionListener
Private static final String Version = "Version 1.0";
private static final String Wenj_dir = "File";

Private JList fileList;Private Soundengine player;PublicStaticvoid Main (String[] args) {WJ GUI =New WJ ();}Public WJ () {Super"Documents"); Player =New Soundengine ();string[] FileNames = FindFiles (Wenj_dir,NULL); Makeframe (FileNames);}Privatevoid Quit () {System.exit (0);}Privatevoid Showabout () {Joptionpane.showmessagedialog (This"File \ n" + VERSION,"About file", joptionpane.information_message);}PrivateString[] FindFiles (String DirName,String suffix) {File dir =New File (DirName);if (Dir.isdirectory ()) {string[] Allfiles = Dir.list ();if (suffix = =NULL) {return allfiles; }else {list<String> selected =New arraylist<String> ();ForString filename:allfiles) {if (filename.endswith (suffix)) {selected.add (filename);}}Return Selected.toarray (NewString[selected.size ()]); } }else {System.out.println ("Error:" + DirName +"Must be a directory");ReturnNull }}Publicvoid StateChanged (ChangeEvent evt) {}Add ListenerPublicvoid actionperformed (ActionEvent evt) {JComboBox cb = (JComboBox) evt.getsource ();String format = (String) Cb.getselecteditem ();if (Format.equals ("All")) {format =Null } filelist.setlistdata (FindFiles (wenj_dir, format));}Privatevoid Makeframe (String[] Files) {setdefaultcloseoperation (exit_on_close); JPanel ContentPane = (JPanel) getcontentpane (); Contentpane.setborder (New Emptyborder (6,10,10,10)); Makemenubar (); Contentpane.setlayout (New BorderLayout (8,8)); JPanel Leftpane =New JPanel (); {Leftpane.setlayout (New BorderLayout (8,8));string[] formats = {"All",". Doc",". png",". mp3"}; JComboBox formatlist =New JComboBox (formats); Formatlist.addactionlistener (this); Leftpane.add (Formatlist, Borderlayout.north); FileList =New JList (Files); Filelist.setforeground (New Color (140,171,226)); Filelist.setbackground (New Color (0,0,0)); Filelist.setselectionbackground (new Color (87,49, 134)); Filelist.setselectionforeground (new Color (140,171,226)); JScrollPane ScrollPane = new JScrollPane (fileList); Scrollpane.setcolumnheaderview (new JLabel ( "Wenj files"); Leftpane.add (ScrollPane,; } contentpane.add (Leftpane,; Pack (); Dimension d = Toolkit.getdefaulttoolkit (). Getscreensize (); setlocation (D.width/2-getwidth ()/2, D.height/2-getheight ()/2); setvisible (true);           

Set Menu items
private void Makemenubar ()
Final int shortcut_mask =
Toolkit.getdefaulttoolkit (). Getmenushortcutkeymask ();

JMenuBar menubar =New JMenuBar ();        Setjmenubar (menubar);    JMenu menu;           JMenuItem item; menu =New JMenu ("File");        Menubar.add (menu); item =New JMenuItem ( "Quit"); Item.setaccelerator (Keystroke.getkeystroke (Keyevent.vk_q, shortcut_mask)); Item.addactionlistener (new ActionListener () {public void actionperformed new jmenu ( "help"); Menubar.add (menu); item = new JMenuItem (" about ... "); Item.addactionlistener (new ActionListener () {public void actionperformed                

Interface diagram:

Job 2: Output the highest recorded player information in the game.
Method: This can use the Seek () method to jump the pointer and the Getfilepointer () method to get the current pointer position implementation.
The code is as follows:

public class testrandomaccessfile{
private file file;
public static void Main (string[] args) {
Testrandomaccessfile Traf = new Testrandomaccessfile ();
Traf.init ();
Traf.record ("Adom", 80);
Traf.listallrecords ();

}PublicvoidRecordString Record_breaker,int times) {try{Randomaccessfile RAF =New Randomaccessfile (file,"RW"); Boolean flag =Falsewhile (Raf.getfilepointer () < Raf.length ()) {String name = Raf.readutf ();Long prior = Raf.getfilepointer ();if (record_breaker.equalsignorecase (name)) {flag =TrueCompare the number of passes in and the size of the previous numberif (Raf.readint () < times) {Use the Seek () method to jump to the position of prior (prior); Raf.writeint (times);Break } }else {raf.skipbytes (4); } }if (!flag) {Raf.writeutf (record_breaker); Raf.writeint (times);} raf.close (); }catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();}}PublicvoidInit){if (file = =NULL) {file =New File ( "Record.txt"); try{file.createnewfile ();} catch (IOException e) {e.printstacktrace ();}} }public void listallrecords (try{ Randomaccessfile RAF = new randomaccessfile (File, "R"); while (Raf.getfilepointer () < Raf.length ()) {String name = Raf.readutf (); int times = Raf.readint (); System. out.println ( "name:" + name +  "\ Trecord: "+ Times";} Raf.close (); }catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();}}        

Interface diagram:
The original program:

To add a post-recorded program:

Java Fifth time job

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