[Java tutorial 00] Computer basics, java Computer Basics

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[Java tutorial 00] Computer basics, java Computer Basics

I think my friends here must want to learn JAVA or want to enter the IT industry. Considering that people may have different foundations, some people may still use new computers to make their learning smoother. Before learning a new computer language, I need to popularize some basic computer knowledge.

Basic computer knowledge
  • Computer: an electronic Computer, commonly known as a Computer. It is a modern smart electronic device that can automatically and quickly process massive data according to the program running. A computer composed of hardware and software that does not have any software installed is called a bare metal. Common forms include desktop computers, laptops, and large computers.
  • Computer Applications have penetrated into various fields of society and are changing the way people work, study, and live, promoting the development of society. In what ways? To sum up, the computer is mainly used in the following aspects:

1: Scientific Computing

Scientific computation is also called numerical computation. Computer was initially a computing tool developed to solve a large number of mathematical problems encountered in scientific research and engineering design. For example, the trajectory calculation of satellites, the calculation of earthquake resistance of houses, and the research and design of rockets and spacecraft cannot be separated from the accurate calculation of computers. Even the weather forecast we listen to every day is inseparable from the scientific computing of computers.

2. Data Processing

In scientific research and engineering technology, a large amount of raw data will be obtained, processing a large number of images, texts, sounds, and other information is to collect, classify, sort, store, compute, transmit, and tabulation data.

3. Automatic Control

Automatic control refers to automatic operations on a process through a computer. It can control the process based on the target and status of a person without manual intervention. For example, the control of unmanned aircraft, missiles, satellites, spacecraft, and other aircraft is implemented by computers.

4. Computer Aided Design (CAD) refers to Computer Aided Design. With the help of computers, people can automatically or semi-Automatically complete all kinds of engineering design work. Currently, CAD technology has been applied to aircraft design, ship design, architectural design, mechanical design, and large-scale integrated circuit design. In the survey and design of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, it takes only a few hours to draw a drawing using a computer-aided design system. In the past, manual work would take a week or longer. It can be seen that the use of computer-aided design can shorten the design time, improve work efficiency, save manpower, material resources and financial resources, and more importantly improve the design quality.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the theory, technology, and application of computer simulation of certain intellectual behaviors of humans. For example, a computer is used to simulate some of the functions of the human brain for thinking learning, reasoning, association, and decision making, so that the computer has a certain "thinking ability ". China has developed some expert diagnostic systems for traditional Chinese medicine, which can simulate doctors to provide patients with medical solutions. In addition, robots are also a typical example of computer artificial intelligence.

6. Multimedia Applications

With the development of electronic technology, especially communication and computer technology, people have the ability to combine various media such as text, audio, video, animation, graphics, and images, creates a brand new concept-Multimedia ). Such as flash advertisements and web games.

7. Computer Networks

A computer network is composed of independent computers with information exchange capabilities to share resources. For example, the use of bank credit cards nationwide and the use of train and plane ticket systems.

Computer hardware

Computer Hardware refers to various physical devices in Computer systems, including electronic, mechanical, and Photoelectrical components. These physical devices constitute an organic whole as required by the system structure to provide a material basis for the operation of computer software. The computer is usually composed of multiple components, including CPU, motherboard, memory, power supply, memory box, hard disk, video card, keyboard, mouse, and display.

Computer Software

Computer software is essential to the use of computers. Computer software allows computers to complete specific functions in a predetermined order. Computer Software is divided into system software and application software according to its functions.

  • System Software: DOS (Disk Operating System), Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Application Software: Office QQ chat YY language clearance
Software Development
  • SoftwareA set of computer data and commands organized in a specific order
  • DevelopmentSoftware Production Process
  • Software DevelopmentUse development tools and computer languages to make software
Computer Language
  • LanguageSymbols of human communication, facilitating communication and information exchange between people
  • Computer LanguageA special language for information communication between people and computers. common computer languages such as C, C ++, C #, and JAVA are also used in computer languages.
Human-Computer Interaction
  • The emergence of software enables better interaction between people and computers.
  • Interaction ModeGraphical interface: This method is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

    Command Line: A console is required to enter specific commands for the computer to complete some operations. This is troublesome. You need to record some commands.

Keyboard function keys and shortcut keys

Keyboard function keys

  • Tab
  • Shift Ctrl Alt
  • Space Enter
  • Window
  • Up to down
  • PrtSc (PrintScreen) Screen

Shortcut Key introduction

  • Ctrl + A select all
  • Ctrl + C copy
  • Ctrl + V Paste
  • Ctrl + X cut
  • Ctrl + Z undo
  • Ctrl + S save
Common doscommands

How to open the DOS Console

  1. Start-Program-attachment-Command Prompt
  2. Start-run-cmd-press ENTER
  3. Win + r-cmd-press ENTER

Expanded content: the exe file in the directory can be directly executed using its name to adjust the number of content displayed on the DOS Interface

Common doscommands

  • D: Switch the carriage return drive.
  • Dir (directory): list files and folders in the current directory
  • Md (make directory): Creates a directory.
  • Rd (remove directory): deletes a directory.
  • Cd (change directory) changes the specified directory (enter the specified directory)
  • Cd ..: Return to the upper-level directory
  • Cd: Return to the root directory
  • Del (delete): delete a file and delete a bunch of files with the same suffix *. txt
  • Exit: exit the doscommand line.
  • Cls: (clear screen) clear screen

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