Java Date Time API (Java 8 new feature)

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Java 8–date Time API

Java 8 comes with a much improved and much required change in the the-the-time and time is handled.
The classes that represent the date and time concepts is present in the Java.time package.

The important classes in this package is:
  • Java.time.Period:This class represents the date part of the DateTime. It represents the date part in terms of days, months and years. For example 1 year, 2 months and 5 days
  • Java.time.Duration:This class represents the time part of the DateTime. It represents the time part in terms of seconds and nanoseconds. For example ' seconds '
  • Java.time.Instant:This represents a particular Instant in the timeline. It stores the number of seconds through epoch time and also have another field that stores the nanoseconds
  • Java.time.LocalDate:This stores the date part of date-time in terms of years-months-days. It does not store the TimeZone. The class is immutable.
  • Java.time.LocalTime:This class stores the time part of a date time without any TimeZone info.
  • Java.time.LocalDateTime:This class stores the localdate and localtime but no TimeZone
  • Java.time.ZonedDateTime:This class stores the LocalDateTime and the TimeZone info as a Zoneoffset object. The class has access to Zonerules which can is used to convert to local time
  • Java.time.ZoneOffset:This stores the time zone offset from UTC. The zone rules is stored in ZoneID.
  • Java.time.OffsetDateTime:This stores the local datetime with the offset. This class does not has information about Zone Rules.
1  PackageJava8.datetime;2 3 Importjava.time.LocalDate;4 ImportJava.time.LocalTime;5 6 /**7 * Java 8–date time API8 * LocalTime: Current time9 * Localdate: Current dateTen  */ One  Public classLocalTimeDemo3 { A      Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { -LocalTime localtime (); -System.out.println ("Current time:" +localtime); the  -Localdate localdate (); -System.out.println ("Current date:" +localdate); -     } +}

1  PackageJava8.datetime;2 3 ImportJava.time.DayOfWeek;4 ImportJava.time.LocalDateTime;5 Importjava.time.ZoneId;6 ImportJava.time.temporal.ChronoField;7 8 /**9 * Java 8–date time APITen * LocalDateTime One * URL: A  */ -  Public classLocalDateTimeDemo2 { -      Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { the //Create a LocalDateTime -LocalDateTime LocalDateTime (); -System.out.println ("New LocalDateTime object:" + localDateTime);//Prints 2018-02-12t15:08:44.116 -  + //Convert LocalDateTime to datetime in particular zone -System.out.println ("Specify Time zone:" + Localdatetime.atzone (zoneid.of ("America/new_york"))); +  A //Get the day of week from DateTime atSystem.out.println ("Day of the Week:" + dayofweek.from (localDateTime));//prints SUNDAY. -  - //Get the day's from DateTime -System.out.println ("Day of the Year:" + Localdatetime.get (chronofield.day_of_year));//Prints - //The other fields and can be returned is Minute_of_hour, Minute_of_day, HOUR_OF_AMPM, - //Hour_of_day, Ampm_of_day, Day_of_week, Day_of_month, Day_of_year, Month_of_year , in //Year , Offset_seconds (OFFSET from UTC). -  to //Get Current date +System.out.println ("Current date:" +localdatetime.tolocaldate ()); -         //Prints 2014-09-29 the  *         //Get current Time $System.out.println ("Current time:" +localdatetime.tolocaltime ());Panax Notoginseng         //Prints 22:26:30.146 -  the //Create a LocalDateTime from year, month, day, hour, Min +System.out.println ("Instantiating LocalDateTime by Int:" + localdatetime.of (2014, 10, 1, 10, 0)); A         //Prints 2014-10-01t10:00 the  + //Create LocalDateTime by parsing a string -LocalDateTime parsedlocaldatetime = Localdatetime.parse ("2014-01-01t11:00"); $System.out.println ("Instantiating LocalDateTime by String:" +parsedlocaldatetime); $  -System.out.println ("Current hour point:" +Localdatetime.gethour ()); -  the  -     }Wuyi}


1  PackageJava8.datetime;2 3 Importjava.time.Instant;4 ImportJava.time.temporal.ChronoUnit;5 6 /**7 * Java 8–date time API8 * Instant9 * URL:  */ One  Public classInstantDemo1 { A      Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { -         //Creating a local date -Instant now (); the         //2018-02-12t06:29:01.493z -System.out.println ("Current time:" +Now ); -  - //The epoch seconds is the number of seconds since 1970-01-01t00:00:00z +System.out.println ("Current number of seconds:" +Now.getepochsecond ()); -  + //Adjust Time A //The plus function allows adding time intervals. at //The time intervals can NANOS, MICROS, Millis, SECONDS, MINUTES, HOURS, Half_days , Days -Instant tomorrow = (2, chronounit.days); -System.out.println ("Tomorrow Time:" +tomorrow); - //The minus function allows subtracting time from an instant. -Instant yesterday = Now.minus (1, chronounit.days); -System.out.println ("Yesterday Time:" +yesterday); in  - //The compare function can be used to compare and the dates. to //it returns-1 If the date is passed are after, 1 if it is before +System.out.println ("Today and Tomorrow Compare:" + Now.compareto (Tomorrow));//prints-1 -  the //Check if one instant is after another *System.out.println ("Whether today is behind yesterday:" + now.isafter (yesterday));//Prints True $ Panax Notoginseng     } -}

Java Date Time API (Java 8 new feature)

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