Java search tools product listings

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Java search tools product listings

Java search servers
  • AltaVista Search developer's Kit
  • Astaware searchkey + (formerly netresults)
  • Bbdbot
  • Cybotics (discontinued)
  • Dieselpoint search
  • Docfather
  • Doclinx teraxml
  • Easyask
  • Eve Image Search
  • Jhlsearch (discontinued)
  • Idksm
  • Inktomi xpa(Now ultraseek)
  • JXTA search
  • Linksearch
  • Lucene
  • Metastar
  • Noviforum(Formerly Trident)
  • Nql
  • Nutch
  • Orenge(Empolis)
  • Questagent (jobjects)
  • Ripfire (now plumtree)
  • Sitesurfer
  • Spy-Server
  • Surfmap search
  • Trident(Now noviforum)
  • Ultraseek xpa(Verity, previusly by infoseek, then Inktomi)
  • Webrom
  • Windex search
  • XML query engine
  • Xrs XML Search Engine (Discontinued ?)

    Product can index CD-ROM and DVD for Distribution

    Code library version available


These applets let you set up searching for sites that can't host CGI scripts (there are also Java search servers ). they generally do a site crawl from a root page (usually your home page ). some include source code.

  • Clientsearch-free under the GNU copy-left. The examples didn't work for me (Netscape 4.05 on the Mac)

  • Babbage home page search applet-free under the GNU copy-left the example worked fine for me, though the interface was a bit primitive. this does not keep an index, so it works on hosted sites, but it's very slow.

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Other listings:
  • Alphabetical list of all tools
  • Mac-based tools
  • Perl scripts
  • Remote search hosting services
  • UNIX-based tools
  • Windows-based tools
  • Code Libraries
  • CD-ROM and DVD
  • Open source code


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