Java generics should pay attention to the details

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1. A local type (such as int float) cannot be used to replace the generic type. For example, the List <integer> type cannot be used.

2. runtime type check. Different types of generic classes are equivalent (pair <string> and pair <employee> belong to the same
Type pair). Note that if a instanceof
If pair <string >== true, the returned value of A. getfirst () is a string type.

3. The generic class cannot inherit the exception class, that is, the generic class cannot be thrown as an exception.

4. Generic arrays cannot be defined.

5. The object cannot be constructed using generics, that is, t first = new T (); it is incorrect.

6. You cannot use generics in the static method, or modify generic variables with the static keyword.

7. Do not define equals (t x) methods in generic classes, because the equals method also exists in the object class. When the generic class is erased, the two methods conflict.

8. There is no relationship between multiple classes derived from the same generic class. values cannot be assigned to each other, that is, pair <number> P1; pair <integer> P2; p1 = P2; this assignment is incorrect.

9. If a generic class has a non-generic class with the same name, do not mix them. Always use a generic class.

Pair <Manager> managerbuddies = new pair <Manager> (CEO, CFO );

Pair rawbuddies = managerbuddies; the compiler does not report errors, but there is a serious runtime error risk.

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