Java interview (a year after graduation to change jobs)

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Still remember a year ago today, in the online investment resume, looking for work, at that time to find the work of the work place in Chengdu, in fact, I really want to go outside to work for several years, if after graduation in Chengdu work, in the future basically impossible to go to the provinces,

So just Shanghai, an outsourcing company to Chengdu Polytechnic School Recruit, the guide in the group to preach the time and place of the meeting to us, asked us how many people to go, the result of many people to go, so the guide directly to our school to open the preaching

Will be, the company basic 0 requirements, basically people are interviewed, only three people to the company, I was one of them, mainly a go to the provinces of the opportunity, in fact, at that time also telephone interview on a Guangzhou company, but to Shanghai

, feeling a little more reliable.

On the recruitment online in Thursday to write a resume, cast some companies, Friday received an interview, let me Saturday to go, I think I need to review, say next week, so about the next Monday three o'clock in the afternoon (today three o'clock in the afternoon) interview.

Half an hour in advance, and then sign in at the front desk, someone will pull me to do a written test, all is the choice of questions, single-choice multi-choice has, feel very difficult to estimate the wrong one-third. Let me go to the conference room and wait a minute.

The first interviewer, after the interview let me wait, came to the second interviewer, after the interview let me wait, came to the third, the fourth interviewer (these two one up), finished and let me wait, to the fifth interviewer, also

It was the person who called me to interview, and then let me wait, came to pull me to do the written test, said a day or a day to inform the results of the interview.

Written test: I think do wrong: shift operation of the problem, the problem of enumeration, switch-case (the main reason is to forget the break is not necessary, the problem appears two or three times), the internal class

One side: asked the project experience, collection, design patterns, etc.

Two side: asked the project experience, and asked the collection, multi-threading, software engineering inside the development of the method, etc.

Three sides: Two minutes to leave, a asked what technical books recently read, I said I intend to see "Spring Source depth analysis" but the environment do not know how to do, non-technical books, I said read "Good, touch your head." Another

Asked for agile development, I only know pair programming is one of agile development, then he said a keyboard how two people use, I said with two computers.

Four sides: asked the current salary, this question is must answer, also has the expectation salary, and said I expect the salary is high, I said no more than the present Gao Gan the change job.

I don't know when I started to express myself at all, whether it's two projects or answering technical questions, non-technical issues. So with this article now.

Java interview (a year after graduation to change jobs)

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