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This is the topic discussed during the last interview and is recorded.

  • Why use Spring?
  • What are the benefits of IoC? What are the benefits of scalability?
  • How to instantiate a Bean?
  • What is the difference between ApplicationContext and BeanFactory?
  • How can I read external files through Spring?
  • Can Bean IDS be repeated in the Spring configuration file?
  • What is automatic assembly and type check in Spring?
  • Can ApplicationContext be loaded all at a time when multiple Spring configuration files exist in the system? What should I do if there are duplicate IDs?
  • What is AOP? What terms are involved and explained in AOP?
  • How does Spring implement AOP? Dynamic proxy? Java Collection
  • What is the difference between TreeSet and HashSet?
  • How is TreeSet sorted?
  • What is the difference between Comparable and Comparator? Java IO
  • What is the difference between Stream and Reader/Writer?
  • How to read a text file?
  • How do I redirect System. out to an external file?
  • What is System. out? Java Serialization
  • How to serialize it?
  • What is the role of the variables defined in the Serializable interface?
  • How does one implement deep copy through Serialization?
  • Serializable is a label interface. What is the function of this type of interface? Java Synchronization
  • Why do I need to perform synchronization management?
  • What does thread synchronization mean?
  • How does Java implement synchronous management (for public members in thread objects )?
  • If there are two groups of methods in a class, the methods in the group are mutually exclusive, and the methods in the group are concurrent, what should we do?
  • How to Implement the thread pool? Java Exception
  • What is the difference between checked exception and unchecked exception?
  • How to create an unchecked exception?
  • What is an abnormal translation? What is its role?
  • In a multi-layer structure, how do I handle exceptions? Java JDBC
  • JDBC and transaction-related APIs (START, commit, and rollback )?
  • JDBC APIs related to database connection pools?
  • What is the difference between String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder?
  • What is the structure of the Tomcat configuration file? How to configure the database connection pool?
  • When Apache and Tomcat are integrated, how does Apache communicate with Tomcat?

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