Java Invoicing Management Inventory management Merchant Management Sales report SPRINGMVC SSM Project

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1. The system uses the main SSM framework JSP JSTL Bootstrap HTML5 (PC browser)

2.springmvc +spring4.3.7+ mybaits3.3 SSM Common Java Web (non-maven, with pom.xml files) Database:MySQL

3. Development tools : MyEclipse Eclipse idea is available without restrictions. My side MyEclipse 2014 lead out of the project source

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Business Module

Home: record Total purchase amount, total sales, total sales profit, sales amount within 30 days
Total customer count, 30 days new customer Count
Chart statistics (line and histogram) showing sales 12 months before the start of the current month
1. Customer Information: Record customer data, note customer information, track customer status
2. Customer Notes: Customer Profile Accessory Options
3. Customer Level: Customer Profile affiliate option
4. Product List: Maintain commodity data, have rich Text editor, have schedule upload product picture , Generate product QR code, barcode
Span style= "COLOR: #ff00" >5 .    Product Category: Item accessory options
6 .    brand Management: Commodity accessory options
7 .    Unit of measure: Commodity attachment option
8 .      inventory: Show inventory of goods, Inventory Small row Top
9 .      Merchandise Warehousing: Enter the goods into storage data, quantity, Unit price, Storage time. Calculate the total amount of the purchase in a time range
10 .    Merchandise out: Enter the product data, quantity, sales price, Sales out of stock time. Calculate the total sales amount for a time range
11 .    Stock Count: Histogram displays inventory of commodities for timely replenishment
12 .    Sales Report: List shows the sales of goods, according to sales and sales order, In order to master which goods sell well and adjust the sales plan
system module
1. Rights Management: Click on the Level two menu to enter the level three menu display role (basic permissions) and button permissions
role (Basic permissions): Separate role groups and roles, assign menu permissions and delete and modify permissions independently.
button Permissions: Assign button permissions to the role.
2. Button Management: Custom button management, maintenance button permission identification, etc.
3. Menu Management: Unlimited levels of custom menus, custom menu icons, Business menu and System menu separation, menu state display hidden (Recursive processing)
4. Data dictionary: Unlimited levels, support for multi-level unlimited classification. On-site numbering, sorting, etc.
5. Online Management: WebSocket technology, real-time detection of online user list, statistics online number,users can be forced offlineThe same user can log on only in one client
6. Log management: Logging user login Exits and some important operational records
7. System users: to each basic user to increase the deletion check, single, mass station letter message text messages, import and export Excel form, check the business status of Merchants
8. Performance monitoring: Monitoring the performance of the entire system, SQL monitoring, SQL firewall, URL monitoring, spring monitoring, session monitoring, etc.
9. Image management: Batch upload images unified management, click to enlarge, can open multiple, free switch, gorgeous preview effect
Ten. Image crawler: Enter a URL, climb out of its picture displayed on the page, you can enlarge the preview. Can be saved to the server, to the picture management inside
One. Station Letter: Receive the mailbox and send the mailbox, websocket the technical communication technology to do the prompt receipt reminder, may configure the voice prompt letter
A. System settings: Modify the system name, mail server configuration, SMS account settings, Image watermark Configuration
-. Database backup: Can back up single table, whole library, support local and remote database backup
-. Backup timer: Quartz 2.2 Powerful Task Scheduler, multi-threaded backup database, task start off asynchronous operation
the. Database restore: Historical backup record, restore database or single table, statistics backup time and file size
-. SQL Editor: Powerful SQL Editor, support edit Statement complex query statement, generate dynamic report, export Excel
Menu Permissions: Different menu permissions assigned to each role, different menus for each role, infinite level menu
button permissions: Independently assign different roles different function permissions, delete and Change permissions assignment specific to different menu, custom button management
support multi-user sub-rights management background, permissions specific to different menu different buttons

Technical points

1. Export the imported Excel file
2. IO Stream upload Download file
3. Mass mailing, can be sent in HTML, plain text format, can be sent to any mailbox (to achieve the bulk delivery of advertising mail)
4. Mass or send SMS separately, support two kinds of third-party SMS quotient Interface
5. Spring AOP Transaction Processing
6. MD5 Encryption SHA encryption (login password with this encryption) interface to encrypt the identity check
7. Database connection Chi Ali Druid. Druid has significant advantages in monitoring, scalability, stability, and performance to support concurrent
8. Join the security framework Shiro (Login authorization) (Session management)
9. According to the Chinese characters to parse the whole spelling (pinyin) and the first letter (import Excel to the user table, based on the user's Chinese character name generation Pinyin user name) Quartz2.2 Task Scheduler
11.base64 Transferring Pictures
12. Photo Watermark (Image watermark, text watermark)
13. Batch asynchronous upload pictures, can preview, there is a progress bar, support drag-and-drop upload (Baidu Webuploader). List dynamic slide zoom display.
14.ehcache Custom Level Two cache, choose cache to store directory, handle concurrency, increase system performance
15.uploadify upload plugin, single, batch upload multi-threaded, with progress bar, asynchronous, image, video, other file formats can be uploaded label page function, tag free switch, not duplicate operation database
17. Baidu Rich Text editor, can upload pictures
18. Web crawler technology, can be based on the Web site to crawl pictures and page titles and other information (crawl a store image to save the server) WebSocket Instant Messaging technology, point-to-point, group chat, single chat
20.HTML5 + Java EE WebSocket communication technology,WebSocket Verifying user login, forcing a user to downline
21. In-Station letter voice alert, JS control audio playback
22. Call Camera photography technology, picture cutting technology

The two - Dimensional code generation technology
Barcode generation Technology
. Print out the library, call the browser to start the printer printing order

official website

Login screen background with HTML5 effects automatic switching (shutters, curtains, etc.) have background music and background animation

Java Invoicing Management Inventory management Merchant Management Sales report SPRINGMVC SSM Project

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