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Plan to spend some time this year to learn Java development well.   The total sense of Java knowledge system is quite complex, do not know where to start, it is necessary to first from the overall Java Knowledge System has a comprehensive grasp, and then combine their own needs, selective focus on learning.   Search on the internet for a while, feeling the following article is not bad, temporarily reproduced over for reference. Reprint Address: Http:// 1.1, course learning process

1.2. Curriculum System

NO. Category
01 Operating system Windows--> Linux
02 Middleware Tomcat--> JBoss
03 Database MySQL--> Oracle
04 JAVA SE Environment Build--> Foundation program--> object-oriented--> Application Development--> Advanced Application--> java new features--> JDBC
05 JAVA EE WEB HTML--> JavaScript--> JSP--> JavaBean--> DAO--> smartupload--> Servlet--> MVC
06 Open Source Framework Struts 1.x--> Ajax--> ecside report Components--> Hibernate--> Spring--> Struts 2.0--> Ajax Framework (DWR, JSON, JQuery)
07 Xml Basic syntax--> parsing (dom/sax/jdom)
08 Distributed development RMI--> EJB 3.0--> XFire--> Web Services
09 Search engine Lucene, Htmlparser, Heritrix
10 Work flow Jbpm
11 Development tools Eclipse, Jboss IDE
2. Course explanation Stage
1. Basic Course Stage: Oracle, Java SE, Java EE WEB
2, advanced project Explanation:
3. Basic Project Combat phase: MVC, AJAX, XML, Struts 1.x, EC side report components
4. Framework Course Stage: Hibernate, Spring, IBatis, Struts 2.0, AJAX framework
5. The actual stage of the framework Project: SSH, SSH2
6. Distributed Course Stage: RMI, EJB 3.0, Web Services
7. Distributed Project phase: Struts + Spring + Hibernate + XFire
8. Course Stage: Search engine, workflow
9, the Project combat phase: SSH2, SMS platform, call Send interface
3.1. Oracle Database

3.2, Java SE 3.3, Java EE WEB

3.4. Basic project development

4. Framework Course Stage

5. Frame Project Stage

6. Distributed Course Stage

7. Distributed Project phase

8, the development phase

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