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The application uses MQ, but MQ does not have a suitable monitoring page. The monitoring methods are relatively scarce and there was a fault last Saturday. If there was a monitoring method for MQ at that time, it can detect problems in time and prevent faults. Before that, I want to write a program to monitor the queue depth in MQ and determine whether the system is working. However, I have never been able to obtain the depth of the MQ queue based on the information on the Internet. Although this function is a piece of simple code, it is a piece of code from IBM engineers until today, help me locate the previous error.

First, you need to have a basic understanding of MQ and understand some basic concepts (I am not familiar with some basic concepts, leading to some parameter errors). Then, I will read the following post:

MQ system management programming Overview

The management programming of MQ is well explained here, and the attached code is also very detailed. I am using PCF. I have completed the team-level access and downloaded a lib, file on the ibmsite, with a com. IBM. MQ. pcf-6.1.jar. The related code is as follows:

1 pcfmessageagent agent;
2 pcfmessage request;
3 pcfmessage [] responses;
4 // connect a pcfagent to the specified Queue Manager
5 agent = new pcfmessageagent ("", 14146, "system. admin. svrconn ");
6 // build the request
7 Request = new pcfmessage (cmqcfc. mq1__inquire_q );
8 request. addparameter (cmqc. mqca_q_name ,"*");
9 request. addparameter (cmqc. mqia_q_type, cmqc. mqqt_local );
10 request. addparameter (cmqcfc. mqiacf_q_attrs,
11 new int [] {cmqc. mqca_q_name, cmqc. mqia_current_q_depth });
12 // use the agent to send the request
13 responses = agent. Send (request );
14 // display the results
15 For (INT I = 0; I <responses. length; I ++)
16 {
17 string name = responses [I]. getstringparametervalue (cmqc. mqca_q_name );
18 int depth = responses [I]. getintparametervalue (cmqc. mqia_current_q_depth );
20 // disconnect
21 agent. Disconnect ();

The error code is pcfmessageagent ("", 14146, "system. admin. svrconn ");

The Code provided by IBM engineers is very simple, but there are key Annotations:

Mqenvironment. ccsid = 1381; // same as the queue manager
Mqenvironment. hostname = "localhost"; // name of the machine where the queue manager is located, which must be pinged
Mqenvironment. Port = 1414; // listening port of the queue manager
Mqenvironment. Channel = "chtest ";
Mqqueuemanager qmgr = new mqqueuemanager ("testqm"); // Queue Manager name
Mqqueue queue = qmgr. accessqueue ("qtest", MQC. mqoo_input_as_q_def); // queue
Mqmessage themessage = new mqmessage ();
Mqgetmessageoptions GMO = new mqgetmessageoptions ();
Queue. Get (themessage, GMO );
// System. Out. println ("The message length is:" + themessage. getdatalength ());
// Int I = themessage. getdatalength ();
System. Out. println ("The message is:" + themessage. Readline ());
Queue. Close ();
Qmgr. Disconnect ();

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