Java open-source blog-b3log solo 0.5.5 official version released!

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Java open-source blog-B3log solo 0.5.5 official version released!

This version mainly fixes defects and supports Bae deployment andCommunity sync.

The b3log community has been launched again. Welcome to come and play:-P

  • Tag-based document classification
  • Ping Google blog search engine
  • Blog/Tag atom/RSS output
  • Sitemap output
  • Comments and email reminders
  • Custom page
  • Top/related/random/out-of-site articles
  • Permalink)
  • Article draft folder, signature file, update prompt
  • Cache Management
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple Languages
  • Skin change
  • Plug-ins
  • Metaweblog API
  • Data backup/recovery
  • High performance, low quota
Release 0.5.5-Nov 24,201 2
  • 72 after non-administrator login, topbar has no background Portal
  • 73 support for Bae deployment
  • 74 cross-version upgrade prompt
  • 75 add page type variables
  • 78 metaweblog API get Article Date Problems
  • 80 metaweblog API Post article Summary
  • 82 logon and initialization Problems
  • 85 configuration files are separated by project
  • 86 Hello World multi-language articles
  • 87 add public template variables for running information
  • 88 logon page Experience Improvement
  • 99 404 page add logon entry
  • 101 verification code transformation
  • 103 local database table prefix support
  • 104 upgrade to Gae SDK 1.7.2
  • 106 summary editor Improvement
  • 111 synchronize with the community
  • 113 if there is no article, the homepage does not return 404
  • 125 feed output encrypted articles

See here. When deploying the production environment, configure latke. properties carefully.

Although the configuration is complex, it also brings some benefits, such as static resource separation.


If you are using gae,

  1. Deploy to Gae
  2. Log on to the Gae management background and switch the version (switch to 055)
  3. Wait for the automatic upgrade to complete (within 5 minutes, you can also manually run:/upgrade/checker. Do)

If you are using a local version, replace the deployment directory directly.


  • Configure latke. Properties
  • Cross-version upgrade is not supported. If you are using a very old solo version, please refer toRelease historyList, successive upgrades ....
  • If 404 is displayed on the access page after the upgrade and the index status is "building" is displayed in the data index of the Gae console, please try again. second-level domain name

For Network reasons, you cannot directly access the second-level domain name (* provided by Gae.

If solo is deployed, you can send an email to dl88250 # to apply for free use of the second-level domain name.


If you find any problems during use or test, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions

  • Project address:
  • Download:
  • Bug/feature submission:
Join us

The b3log team welcomes anyone to join us. Let's take a look at how to join us.

P.s. Long-term requirement artist, test ....

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P.s. SAE common users do not support database transactions and start to charge fees. Whether to support them is still under consideration.

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