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Packages that need to be introduced:

Jakarta Commons-lang 2.3 
Jakarta commons-beanutils 1.7.0 Jakarta commons-collections 3.2 Jakarta 
Commons-logging 1.1 
ezmorph 1.0.4 

public class Product {
	private String product;

	private double price;

	Private Object item;

	Public Object GetItem () {return

	public void SetItem (Object) {
		This.item = Item;

	Public String getproduct () {return

	public void Setproduct (String product) {
		this.product = product;

	Public double GetPrice () {return price

	public void Setprice (double price) {
		This.price = Price;


public class Jsonutil {//{"Product": "Pencil", "Price": "Item": [{"id": 1, "name": "Chen"}]} private static Final String J

	Sostr = "{\ product\": \ "pencil\", \ "price\": 12,\ "item\": [{\ "id\": 1,\ "name\": \ "Chen\"}]} ";

		public static void Main (string[] args) throws IOException {//String System.out.println (String4json ("Key", "20"));
		obj Product p = (product) getobject4jsonstring (JSOSTR, Product.class);

		System.out.println (p.getproduct () + "," + P.getprice ());
		Map map map = Getmap4json (JSOSTR); for (Iterator iterator = Map.entryset (). iterator (); Iterator.hasnext ();)
			{Map.entry Entry = (map.entry) ();
		System.out.println (Entry.getkey () + "," + Entry.getvalue ());
		}//Array object[] objects = Getstringarray4json (JSOSTR);
		for (int i = 0; i < objects.length i++) {System.out.println (objects[i]); Convert string to JSON public static string String4json (string key, String value) throws Jsonexception {jsonobject O Bject = new Jsonobject ();
		Object.put (key, value);
	return object.tostring ();  ///From a JSON object character format to get a Java object public static object Getobject4jsonstring (String jsonstring, Class pojocalss) {Object
		Jsonobject jsonobject = Jsonobject.fromobject (jsonstring);
		Pojo = Jsonobject.tobean (Jsonobject, POJOCALSS);
	return Pojo; ///Get a map public static map Getmap4json (String jsonstring) {jsonobject jsonobject = Jsonobject.fromobjec from a JSON expression
		T (jsonstring);
		Iterator Keyiter = Jsonobject.keys ();
		String key;
		Object value;
		Map ValueMap = new HashMap ();
			while (Keyiter.hasnext ()) {key = (String) ();
			Value = Jsonobject.get (key);
		Valuemap.put (key, value);
	return VALUEMAP; ///Get a list of Java objects from the JSON object collection expression public static list Getlist4json (String jsonstring, Class pojoclass) {Jsonarray Jsonar
		Ray = Jsonarray.fromobject (jsonstring);
		Jsonobject Jsonobject;
		Object Pojovalue;
		List List = new ArrayList (); for (int i = 0; i < jsonarray.size (); i++) {JsonobjECT = Jsonarray.getjsonobject (i);
			Pojovalue = Jsonobject.tobean (Jsonobject, Pojoclass);

		List.add (Pojovalue);

	} return list; ///Parse out Java string array public static object[] Getstringarray4json (string jsonstring) {Jsonobject jsonobj = Jsonob from JSON array
		Ject.fromobject (jsonstring);
		Jsonarray Jsonarr = Jsonobj.getjsonarray ("item");
	Return (object[]) Jsonarr.toarray (); }
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