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"Turn" to preach Wisdom podcast Chengdu Java Training Center student notes.


the static int max_priority thread can have the highest priority.
the static int min_priority the lowest priority that the thread can have.
int norm_priority The default priority assigned to the thread.
the thread does not make strict requirements.
however: at least you need to know the two ways to create and start the thread, and can distinguish between two kinds of similarities and differences;

static Thread CurrentThread ()
setName (String name) sets the name of the current thread
getName (); Get the thread name
setpriority (int i); Set Priority
int getpriority () returns the priority of the thread.
The Boolean isAlive () test thread is active.

Boolean Isdaemon () tests whether the thread is a daemon thread.

void Setdaemaon (True): Indicates setting a background thread

Sleep (Sleep), join (Rob), Yield (comity) ,

Start Method: Start ();

New Thread (Runnable R). Start ();

Subclass of New Thread (). Start ();

Sync: Three ways:

Synchronizing code blocks:
synchronized (obj) {

NewObject ()
//obj represents the same listener object
//code that needs to be synchronized

Synchronization method:
Synchronized Method:




can be re-entered lock:

class a{
private Final Reentrantlock lock = new Reentrantlock ();

Public Void Show () {
Lock.lock ();//Lock

//may appear out of sync code
Lock.unlock ();//whether lock



thread communication: Relationship between producer and consumer

deadlock: Develop traditional Chinese medicine to avoid deadlock

during the written interview. The company that installed B likes to test;
thread and Process concepts: multiple backs before the interview

Another written test is not much, but they often show off:
producers and Consumers
the three methods in object:
wait ();//Waiting
notify ();//wakes up a thread.

I can't wake myself up
Notifyall ();//Wake Up all threads

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Java Self-study material-thread

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