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Spring is the business logic framework, and the three struts,hibernate that make up MVC, what you call the advent of the SSH framework framework, make development easier, faster, and the three big frameworks of extensibility will correspond to the learning JSP, Servlets and JavaBean.

Hibernate is someone else's written Java code, encapsulated, is a framework, is a middleware that encapsulates database connection processing, is a lightweight package for JDBC.

What are the respective roles of the three Java framework struts, hibernate, and spring? Wuhan Beida Jade Valley Campus Java Professional Teacher Introduction, struts is mainly responsible for presentation layer display, Spring uses its IOC and AOP to handle the control business (responsible for the operation of the database), Hibernate is the main role of data persistence to the database.

One, spring is a powerful framework that solves many of the problems that are common in the development of Java EE. Spring provides a consistent approach to managing business objects and encourages the good habit of injecting programming to interfaces rather than classes. Optics Valley Campus Professional teachers point out that spring's architecture is based on the inversion of control container that uses the JavaBean attribute. However, this is only part of the complete Picture: Spring is unique in using the IOC container as a complete solution to all architectural layers.

Spring provides a unique data access abstraction, including a simple and efficient JDBC framework, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces possible errors. Spring's data Access architecture also integrates hibernate and other O/R mapping solutions. Spring also provides a unique transaction management abstraction that provides a consistent programming model across a variety of underlying transaction management techniques, such as JTA or JDBC transactions. Spring provides an AOP framework written in the standard Java language that provides POJOs with declarative transaction management and other enterprise transactions-if you need it-to implement your own aspects. This framework is powerful enough to allow applications to throw away the complexity of EJBS while enjoying the critical services associated with traditional EJBS. Spring also provides a powerful and flexible MVC web framework that can be integrated with IOC containers.

Second, when it comes to the struts framework, it is an MVC framework based on the Sun's Java EE platform, which is mainly implemented using Servlets and JSP technology. Because struts can fully meet the needs of application development, easy-to-use, agile and rapid, over the past year has been a considerable concern. Struts consolidates Servlets, JSPs, custom tags, and information resources into a single, unified framework that developers use to develop without having to code their own full set of MVC patterns, saving time So struts is a very good application framework.

Hibernate is an open source object-relational mapping framework that provides JDBC with a very lightweight object encapsulation that allows Java programmers to manipulate the database at will using object programming thinking. Hibernate can be applied to any JDBC application, both in Java client applications and in servlet/jsp Web applications, and most revolutionary is that hibernate can replace CMP in the EE architecture of the EJB application. The task of achieving data persistence.

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