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What is the difference between two types of streaming and word throttling? Use Cases and Related Classes

The concept of thread security and several methods to achieve thread security

Differences between abstract classes and interfaces. Use Cases

HashAlgorithmImplementation principle, implementation principle of hashcode

Error and exception, runtimeexception and non-runtimeexception

Differences between inheritance and combination, Use Cases

Advantages and disadvantages of using static factory methods

Sorting algorithms: What is the time complexity?

Database Design Principles and paradigms

If you have 0.1 million student scores, how do you obtain the data with the highest score, how do you obtain the data with the third score, and list the methods that you think are the best in performance?

Serialization function, in addition to Network Transmission

Which of the following encoding methods are commonly used in databases?

Use Cases of Spring IoC and AOP

How can I solve cross-origin requests with Ajax?

Several Methods for parsing XML, their principles

How to achieve high performanceCode

If you have an interface call with another system, but other systems have not been developed yet, how can you perform unit testing?

Which of the following methods can be used to prevent repeated submission?

The implementation principle of the database connection pool, how to obtain the connection request, and whether the connection pool destroys or recycles the connection when the connection pool is closed

Differences between tomcat, WebLogic, and JBoss, role of containers

Is Apache a container? What is its role?

Differences between internal jump and external jump, underlying implementation principle

Differences between HTTP and https

What are the causes of downtime? How can I analyze the causes of downtime?

Why is macro definition not recommended on the velocity page?

What do you think is the best in the project?


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