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Want to develop a JMX client to configure a local Java program. The specific requirements are as follows:

Please do not recommend the use of jconsole! Jconsole is inappropriate because jconsole is a generic JMX client that has a negative impact on the performance of the main program.

There is an example on the Oracle website that uses Rmiconnector and "host: Port number" as a parameter, but I do not know where to set the port number of JMX?

Jconsole can select the PID to connect to the Java process. But in the JMX API, I can't find any way to use PID as a parameter.


We use some programs like the following to connect to a JMX server. However, you need to specify the following parameters when you run the server:

In order to bind a specific address, you need to add the following VM parameters:


In this way, you can connect to your server like the following JMX client code:

String host = "localhost"; or some a.b.c.d

int port = 1234;

String url = "service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://" + Host + ":" + port + "/jmxrmi";

Jmxserviceurl serviceurl = new Jmxserviceurl (URL);

Jmxconnector jmxconnector = jmxconnectorfactory.connect (serviceurl, NULL);

try {

Mbeanserverconnection mbeanconn = Jmxconnector.getmbeanserverconnection ();

Now query to get the beans or whatever

set<objectname> beanset = mbeanconn.querynames (null, NULL);


} finally {

Jmxconnector.close ();


We can also not use the VM parameters, the code itself can be programmed to publish at the specified port number. But I think this is more complicated than your needs.

If you want to connect according to the PID, as far as I know, you need to use more than Java version 6. I have not used the following code, but it will work as expected:

list<virtualmachinedescriptor> VMS = Virtualmachine.list ();

for (Virtualmachinedescriptor Desc:vms) {

Virtualmachine VMS;

try {

VM = Virtualmachine.attach (DESC);

} catch (Attachnotsupportedexception e) {



Properties props = Vm.getagentproperties ();

String connectoraddress =

Props.getproperty ("");

if (connectoraddress = = null) {



Jmxserviceurl url = new Jmxserviceurl (connectoraddress);

Jmxconnector connector = jmxconnectorfactory.connect (URL);

try {

Mbeanserverconnection mbeanconn = Connector.getmbeanserverconnection ();

set<objectname> beanset = mbeanconn.querynames (null, NULL);


} finally {

Jmxconnector.close ();



I have released a new SIMPLEJMX package that can help to start a JMX service very simply and send beans to a remote client.

Create a new server and listen on port 8000

Jmxserver jmxserver = new Jmxserver (8000);

Start the server

Jmxserver.start ();

Register the Lookupcache object defined below

Jmxserver.register (Lookupcache);

Jmxserver.register (Someotherobject);

Stop Service

Jmxserver.stop ();

The package does have a client interface, but no one currently has a mechanism to find the process through the PID, only the host/port combination is supported.

PS: If there is any problem, please put it directly in group 457036818.

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Java tutorial How to use JMX to connect Java programs running on the local JVM-Tanzhou Java

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