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JSFAndTapestryComprehensive comparison

To make a comprehensive comparison between JSF and tapestry, you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two frameworks, so that you can select an appropriate framework in your project based on the actual situation, compare the two and summarize the following table analysis and comparison.

  JSF Tapestry
Design Architecture Jump model: Front Controller + componentized programming. Page Model: Page controller + componentized programming.
Programming Model Business logic: the programming style of pojo; page logic: Mainly JSP, or HTML. Business logic: taperstry4 must inherit the base class, but taperstry5 is the pojo style. Page logic: Common HTML.
Request Processing Consists of six officially defined steps; Depends on the engine service.
Navigation Done through the faces-config.xml configuration file. The URL is global and there is no additional configuration file. Unless explicitly redirected, the behavior is on this page. There are two types of redirects: 1. directlink is written on the page 2. page Jump logic is defined in code logic.
Event Processing The page definition event is initiated. Two parameter passing methods are available: one is separated and the other is passed through facescontext. Page-defined event initiation; directly assign parameters without restrictions on the number of parameters; in addition to built-in lifecycle-related events
Component status There is no status maintenance mechanism, and each request starts from component creation. Provides a maintenance mechanism for component status.
Component development JSP tag-based development. The development method is similar to page. The logic code and page are separated, and the page output uses HTML.
View Mainly JSP, or HTML style. Html
Verification and conversion It provides support in multiple ways, but the client verification support is not good, and the support at the form level is not good, usually needs to be customized by the project. It also provides support in multiple ways; in addition, it provides client validation; it naturally supports form-level support.
I18n Better support. Excellent support and additional preview functions.
Testability Test support is simple and easy. The test of tapestry4 is not easy, but the test of tapestry5 can be very simple.
Scalability Good Good
Industry Support JSF industry standards, industry vendors support a lot, but may not end with ejb2. The application scope is smaller than struts, and the learning curve of previous versions is too high.
Migration It is not difficult to migrate from struts; It is more difficult to migrate data from struts or JSP.

JSF is a powerful and scalable
Undoubtedly, it will be very successful. Although it still has many defects. It is correct but may not be the best way to solve JSP template problems. The author believes that it can provide a wide range
Component selection, especially the property model-based design like tapestry, may be more suitable for the future direction of JSF. At the same time, reducing the difficulty of component development should also be the direction of JSF's efforts
You can introduce the template mechanism into the component development model. Facelets is undoubtedly the most successful.

JSF is only available on components and event machines.
This concept is similar to tapestry, but it is not
This is a complete component framework. Therefore, if the reader makes a system with high page flexibility requirements, choosing tapestry is the first consideration. JSF
In general data page input systems, a new system can be directly started from JSF. If you need to switch, you can consider JSF and Tapestry together. Another
In addition, JSF/tapestry not only supports HTML, but also supports multiple client languages such as WML or xui. Relationship between the two: If tapestry is more extreme
JSF is moderate, and moderate is the consistent policy of the Sun Alliance.

In general, J2EE
Currently, the framework is in a fierce competition and there is no absolute leader. Struts is the most popular, but its main architect and major developers have abandoned it. Called struts
The author's JSF has not yet gained enough influence. At the same time, other frameworks such as tapestry are gradually becoming popular.

  • According to foreign media reports, Apache tapestry released 5.1 final release.

Tapestry adds new features and maintains backward compatibility.

The main improvements of tapestry5.1 are as follows:

1. The performance is optimized, the speed of rendering complex pages is improved, and the memory usage is reduced;

2. The previous static JavaScript library is now dynamically bound to a single query;

3. Automatically compress static and dynamic content using gzip (provided that the client supports it );

4. update local pages through ajax to client multi-region (zones) updates;

5. Attributes of tapestry have been significantly improved;

6. The template files of taperstry also have many new features and improvements;

7. Improved the client-side and server-side verification of digital input values;

8. the user's preferred localization information is encoded into the URL, rather than saved in the cookie;

9. added a new component progessivedisplay for loading incremental pages.

10. MAVEN archetype has been greatly improved.

11. added the new tapestry control inversion (IOC) feature to make it easier to rewrite the service in the service configuration.

12. added a lot of new localization and validation information.

13. events triggered by components are added to the component reference document.

14. Clever Blackbird-based client Logging

15. added the URL rewriting API to provide better control over the tapestry URL.

In addition, the new version also has many bugs to fix and improve. For more details, see the release log. Download To tapestry


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