Java websocket Realize Network chat room (group chat + private chat) __java

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webchat chat Room
Source Address has been posted Ah, leaving the mailbox as their own download
project address: Https://
2017.01.11 Update
-replace Oracle with MySQL 
-organize the structure and remove unwanted code
I. Implementation effect (here the picture is compressed, you can right-click to view the picture)

Landing Page

Chat Room

Personal Settings

Avatar Modification

Log List
two. Source Code

Here is the direct and brutal to the source code bar Https://
The specific introduction in the README.MD has three. Describe

This chat room uses Java for background language, Spring + Spring MVC + mybatis + Oracle MySQL Development

Database in resources under the SQL directory, if you use other databases to build tables can refer to the entity classes in Pojo

The project is built using MAVEN, and no Maven can modify it, all the jar packages required under resources under the JAR directory

The foreground frame uses the Amaze UI, and the effect is pretty good.
window and pagination using the layer plugin
The main realization of group chat, private chat, online list, user Data Maintenance avatar Maintenance, log display, etc.
Among them, private chat can select multiple users, backstage also realized, if need can modify the front desk JS addchat () method, with commas separate multiple users can
Private Chat function has been implemented

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